Art by Michael Kirwan  

 Story by Dorian Pierce 

originally published in Honcho Magazine - January, 1995 issue

Quite a few years ago, before Congress decided to repeal the draft law, the United States Army was a varied assortment of men all thrown together. During that time, those two-year draftees included everyone from high school dropouts to college graduates all living together in the closeness of crowded barracks. The one thing the draftees had in common was a definite lack of interest in anything military.


I had joined the army after earning a college degree in business, planning to do my stint and get out. Later on, as the sergeant in charge of one of the barracks, I enjoyed living in the privacy of the non-commissioned officer's bedroom at the end of the building.


Just as water seeks its own level, so did the boys in the barracks. The motor pool boys went their separate way from the office personnel just as the bible-thumping chaplain's assistants steered clear of the super-sexed cocksmen. I didn't fit most of their categories since I was a muscular twenty-nine year old blond non-com beginning my second four-year enlistment. With a nice number of willing guys around, I usually had no trouble finding a cute ass to fuck.


One of them was Tony. He was one of the sexiest guys I had ever seen. He only had to open his mouth and his accent told everyone he had been born and raised in Brooklyn. Tony was about twenty-three years old, like most of the draftees at that time, and at six feet tall and one hundred eighty pounds, he was really a handsome, well-built hunk. He wasn't too interested in exercising or working out. Tony was one of those people lucky enough to be born with a naturally great build.


I had seen him naked many times in the shower room and I knew he had everything in all the right places arching pecs with big nipples, a swinging dick that hung down about five inches over nicely sized balls, and muscled thighs that flared out into rounded ass cheeks with just a hint of a crease at their juncture. Every time I saw his naked butt, I wanted to cup those big buns in my hands, spread them apart, and drive my hard dick right up between them into tropical paradise!


Tony wasn't unfriendly towards me, but he had a best buddy from Philadelphia and the two of them spent all their free time together. I could tell Tony and Richard were more than just friends by their special little glances and occasional groping when they thought no one was looking. They had met during basic training and gotten so close that they didn't have time for anyone else. Most times when they got back to the barracks after taking off in Richard's car, Richard looked relaxed and satisfied, and Tony had a freshly fucked expression on his face. As much as I tried, I couldn't seem to get past a nodding acquaintance with Tony. At least not until Richard went home to Philadelphia on a three week leave and Tony was suddenly left with no one to fuck his hot ass.


The first Saturday night after his buddy left, Tony stayed in the barracks reading after everyone else, except me, had gone into town. I knew the guys always stayed out until the wee hours Sunday morning and was wracking my brain to think of a way to get into Tony's pants while they were gone. As it turned out, Tony provided a plan of action when he noticed a couple of guys out in the parking lot below our window. I first realized something was going on when Tony excitedly appeared at the door of my room.


"Is it okay if I turn off the ceiling lights, Sarge?" he asked excitedly. "I want to watch something outside in the parking lot and I can see better if the lights are off."


Tony had just taken a shower and his curly black hair fell in little ringlets across his handsome forehead. Seeing him standing there with a skimpy white towel wrapped around his middle, I was willing to grant him anything he wanted. I thought the front of his towel was bulging with a little more than his standard five hanging inches, but before I got a good look he turned and flipped the light switch near the door, throwing the entire sleeping area into darkness. I went to see if I could participate in his excitement.


Tony was standing at the first of the row of windows that extended down the entire side of the building, peeking out at a pickup truck that was parked beyond the grassy area surrounding the building. It was sitting on the asphalt about thirty feet away, backed up toward the building, so we could see that two guys were rolling around in the bed of the truck. Both guys has their Levis tangled around their ankles. Chest to chest, each was groping the other's bare ass, while they kept up an ongoing tongue-duel that was keeping them mostly quiet except for some occasional moans.


"Look what those guys are doing," Tony whispered, moving aside a little to let me stand next to him. He didn't realize that I was much more interested in looking at him. Straining against the towel he was wearing, his cock now was pointing straight out in front of him. It looked to me like it was well on its way to becoming a stiff nine-incher!


"Yeah," I laughed, "they're doing an exercise called organized grab-ass!"


"Can I turn off the fire exit lights, too?" Tony asked. "I still can't see with those lights on behind me."


"Why don't you look out the window in my room?" I suggested, hoping to take advantage of the situation that had Tony all hot and bothered. "We can close the door and it'll be totally dark."


"Yeah, that's a great idea," Tony exclaimed as he turned and brushed by me. I almost lost my self-control and grabbed a handful of his cock when I felt his protruding hard-on graze my arm as he moved past. I followed him into my room and closed the door behind us to shut out all the light.


I locked the door while Tony pressed his nose against the glass, straining to see the action in the pickup truck. When I stepped up behind him and looked out over his shoulder, Tony was too preoccupied to notice my belly pressing gently against his towel-covered asscheeks.


"He's really whacking on his dick," Tony whispered. "Can you see that?"


"Not too well. Keep telling me what they're doing," I answered softly while I placed my hands on his hips and pressed my belly more firmly against his buttocks.


Tony raised the lower window and leaned out, hoping to get a better view. His belly rested on the window ledge and his towel-covered butt irresistibly pushed back against me.


"He's got him on his side with his arm wrapped around him. Both of his hands are working up and down on his dick now," Tony whispered over his shoulder at me. "He's going to jack him off in a hurry!"


"I can't see! Is he doing it like this?" I asked. Tony's butt slammed back against my crotch when I slipped both of my hands up under his towel and wrapped my fingers around his rigid cock. It felt smooth and round, throbbing hotly, nearly nine inches long in my grasping, measuring hands. With one hand tugging on his balls, I immediately started moving my fingers slowly up and down his stiff rod. Pre-cum oozed out of the gaping slit in his knobby head, and I spread it up and down his shaft until it was nice and slick.


"Yeah, it looks something like that," Tony gasped as he gave me an anxious glance over his shoulder, confused by this unexpected turn of events, but already too excited to really protest. A minute later he informed me in a hoarse whisper, "He's doing it a little faster now."


I duplicated Tony's description by accelerating the movement of my hand on his throbbing dick. The tail of Tony's towel came loose from where he had tucked it in around his waist and gaped open in the front, leaving a clear playground for my hand action. Tony was naked from head to toe, and the only thing that kept his towel from falling to the floor was my hard, jeans-covered dick pressed securely into the deep crack between his buttocks.


"What's he doing now, Tony?" I asked quietly, trying not to disrupt the mind-boggling sensations I was creating for us both. "Tell me. I can't see too well."


"I'm not sure," Tony said in a wavering voice. "He's still got one hand on his dick, but he's got him twisted around with his other hand on his ass."


"Is he doing this?" I asked as I released his balls to grasp one of his buttocks. I eased my hips back a little and Tony's towel drifted to the floor at our feet. Reaching between us, I squeezed one bare buttock, then the other, cupping as much of each one as my hot hand could hold. His skin felt smooth and silky.


"I can't tell for sure," Tony said as he glanced nervously over his shoulder again. "It's too dark to see."


"Maybe he's going to do this," I said as I sank to my knees behind him and pushed my face between his buttocks.


"Maybe," Tony gasped as his butt involuntarily flexed back against my flicking tongue. "He might be doing something like that."


"He's probably doing this, too," I whispered as I pressed the tip of my tongue against the resisting muscle that guarded the entrance to his tunnel of love. "Does it look like he's doing this?" I mumbled as I shoved my tongue into his asshole a little way.


Tony reared up like a stallion. When his shoulder bumped against the raised window, it dropped down against his lower back. Before Tony could pull his upper body back into the room, I reached up from my kneeling position and held the window down against his lower back, pinning him in place. If Tony realized he was trapped, my tongue wriggling up his butt had him too delighted to care. He raised up on his tiptoes for just a moment, then settled back down onto his heels with a sigh as my tongue poked deeper inside him.


"Maybe you'd better stop doing that, Sarge," Tony gasped, trying to sound calm. His voice was almost inaudible through the window glass. "This is getting me too jittery or something. Don't do that with your tongue anymore. And your hand is moving too fast. It feels so . . ."


Tony didn't finish his sentence. He was anything but calm as he stood bent forward over the window sill with both hands pressed flat against the outside of the building while his cock vibrated in my energetic hand and my tongue worked to unfurl the juicy pucker between his squirming buttocks. He whimpered softly and his buttocks repeatedly contracted and relaxed against the sides of my face while I gave him the tongue-goosing of his life!


Tony had gotten into serious heat so quickly that I was sure I was doing things to him that his Philadelphia friend had never done. He was snared and captured, stiff- cocked and tongue-stuffed, unable to resist what was happening there in the darkness.


Retaining a tight grip on his cock, I stood up to unzip my fly and shove my jeans down around my knees. Tony moaned with genuine pleasure when he felt the heat of my hard bare cock as it pressed between his spit-slickened asscheeks, providing a thick replacement for the tongue that had surprised him with so much unexpected pleasure.


"Are they doing this now, Tony?" I asked as his ass-lips strained to resist, then opened with a reluctant flutter to accept my probing persistent dick. I stuffed my knobby head and a couple of thick inches of shaft up inside his tingling asshole. "Does he have a cock up his ass like this now?"


"Yeah, I think so," Tony whimpered breathlessly when another four inches of hard cock followed my knobby head into the tight recesses of his expanding opening. "Just like that uhh except his hips are moving back and forth real slow."


I raised the window to release him and Tony backed into the room, moving carefully so that my dick up his ass would not be dislodged. He stood up straight and his back pressed against my chest while another inch or so of my big cock burrowed deeper.


"Then he's probably getting a little fuck," I breathed into Tony's flushed ear. "Does it look like he's getting his ass fucked, Tony?"


"Maybe so," Tony panted weakly as I pistoned my dick smoothly in and out of his unexpectedly awakened passion pit. "It looks something like that. I can't really see if he's doing it to him like you're doing it to me."


"Let's not watch them anymore, baby," I suggested softly. With one hand wrapped tightly around his dick, the other pinching a pointy nipple, my ten-inch cock was almost completely buried up his squirming ass when I turned Tony away from the window. He wiggled his butt helplessly while I cock-walked him toward my bunk. I used my massive cock up his tight ass to steer him, urging him forward by crowding my thighs against the back of his trembling legs.


"Take it out," Tony pleaded as his hands reached back to push weakly against my hips. "Don't do that anymore! Ohhhh, that feels so good! Ohhhh, Sarge!"


Tony's hands fluttered from my hand on his cock to my hand on his protruding nipple and back again. He tugged restlessly at my wrists in a feeble effort to relieve the thrills that continued to overwhelm him.


"My cock up your ass certainly makes your dick stiff," I observed. "Your nipples are hard as diamonds, too!"


"You're way up inside me," Tony gasped. "I've never had a dick this big up there!" He staggered slightly when his knees buckled. Obviously my cock so far up his ass was draining his strength.


I kneeled behind him when he sank to his knees next to my bunk. With my chest pressed firmly against his back I bent him forward until his pecs were flattened against the mattress. Hoping his sharply pointed nipples wouldn't poke holes in the sheets, I straddled his upturned ass and began propelling my dick balls-deep into him.


My pumping gained speed, then slowed, then got fast again as I gave Tony his first deep-ass fucking. His happy sighs and moans told me the head of my dick was massaging places Richard hadn't explored, and Tony was enjoying every stroking inch as it pistoned furiously up his steamy ass tunnel.


Tony's legs were almost too wobbly to follow my instructions when I told him to get up on the bed. It took both of my hands clamped over his arching pecs, and all ten inches of my stiff cock up his ass to hoist him up off his knees and ease him forward onto the mattress. Tony groaned into the wrinkled sheets, sprawled forward onto the bunk with the full length of my thick dick inserted inside him.


My body kept him pinned down. My knees spread his legs wider apart and my pelvis started to bounce joyfully off his rippling buttocks. Tony lifted his belly off the mattress, raising his cock-plugged ass, helping to line up his steamy fuck hole with my deeply thrusting dick.


"Please, Sarge, slow down a little," Tony begged dazedly. "Your big dick is making me crazy."


"Just a little more, Tony," I urged. "Don't you need just a little more fast fucking, baby?"


"Well, just a little more. Maybe a few more minutes. Maybe just... 000hhhhh, fuck me!"


"Are we going to do it some more this way?" Tony asked when I rolled him over onto his back and pressed him down on the mattress. When I separated his legs with my knees, Tony promptly cooperated by lifting his knees and spreading them apart. I leaned forward into the vee formed by his uplifted thighs. Tony rested his heels limply on the backs of my thighs while I reintroduced my raging hard-on to the welcoming cavity between his big asscheeks and drove it completely into him again with one uncompromising thrust. Tony looked up at me wide-eyed and flustered as the fucking resumed. My balls slapped noisily against his buttocks with each down stroke while Tony again took every thick inch.


"Oh, Sarge," Tony whispered, "I guess watching those guys in that pickup got me really horny!"


"I've wanted to fuck you since you got here," I whispered in his ear while I speeded up the movement of my pistoning cock.


"You and I are going to do this again, aren't we, baby?"


"Ohhhh, slow down," Tony pleaded as his butt began to writhe under me. "You're making me cum! Slow down! Oh nooo I'm cumming! Aaauuugggg!"


True to his word, Tony's cock squirted fiery liquid in short bursts onto his belly and pecs. One spurt reached all the way to his chin before I lowered my chest against his. Our bodies seemed glued together by his warm, sticky jism. Tony must have had a gallon of cum that he wanted me to fuck out of him because he tightened his legs and arms around me and held me close while I fucked out some more of his load! I figured I had until dawn to get all of it out of him! Tony's butt started humping up against me to help.


Tony looked sheepish and embarrassed when he wrapped his towel around his drooping dick and fresh-fucked ass. Without looking back he disappeared through the door with a bowlegged waddle. I stretched out on my bunk and grinned happily before I turned over and dozed off to sleep. I was sure an ass that got as heated up as that would be back for more!


When I didn't see much of Tony during the next week, I decided he was avoiding me because he was still embarrassed about me getting in his ass while Richard was away.


The following Saturday evening everybody was getting ready to go let off steam in town. Tony's buddy still had not returned from his leave in Philadelphia, but I overheard Tony telling some of the guys he was going into town with them.


After I took a quick shower, I draped a towel around my waist while I sat in my room, in the straight wooden desk chair writing a letter to keep my mind off Tony's beautiful ass.


The barracks got quiet after everyone left for town, and the click of my door latch closing caught my attention. I looked around to find Tony standing there with his back against it. He was wearing a shy smile on his flushed face and a white towel wrapped loosely around his hips!


"I decided not to go to town with the guys, Sarge," Tony said quietly. "If you haven't got any plans for this evening, maybe we could see if anything is going on outside your window?"


"I've definitely got some plans for you, Tony." I grinned at his nervousness. "Come in and have a seat."


Tony looked around the room. When he realized I was sitting in the only chair in the room, his face flushed even redder. As he moved toward me, I opened my towel and released my ten-inch cock. It slapped wetly against my belly while I tugged at Tony's towel until it slid down his thighs to the floor. His feet tangled in it when I turned him around.


"Sit down, Tony," I whispered as my hands gripped his hips and pulled his naked ass down toward my lap. The muscles in his thighs bulged and tightened, resisting until Tony felt the tip of my cock nudge against the puckered circle of his asshole.


"Ohhh, Sarge, you make my ass so hot," Tony wailed when my dick popped into his steamy love hole. "Put your dick in me! Put it all in!"


"Feels like you're all lubed-up back here and ready for action," I grinned as my dick slid easily into his well-greased hole.


He leaned back against my chest as he turned his face toward me to look over his shoulder. His lips found mine in a bruising kiss. My tongue probed into his mouth while he moaned softly, then gasped sharply when more of my thick shaft stretched his tight, grasping ass-lips. He made little whimpering noises into my mouth while his straining butt helplessly settled lower and lower onto my lap, gradually allowing inch after rigid inch of dick into his receptive asshole. It took less than a minute before Tony was perched snugly on my lap, his thighs straddling mine, with the entire length of my cock buried deep between his squirming asscheeks!


"This ass is really hot, baby," I whispered. "You're going to need a lot of fucking tonight!'


Tony submissively nodded in agreement as he lay his head back on my shoulder and began to slowly raise and lower his butt, letting five or six inches of my stiff love rod slip and slide smoothly in and out of his needy cavity.


"Your dick is so long," Tony whimpered softly "Fuck me really deep! I need all of it in there!"


"I've missed stuffing your tight butt this week, baby," I responded as I nuzzled the side of his meaty neck and planted little kisses on his temple. "Promise me you won't stay away a whole week before next time."


"I promise," Tony said. "I really want you to fuck me every day."


"Where there's a will, there's a way, Tony" I whispered, "and we're both willing!"


I clamped my hands under Tony's quivering asscheeks and, with the help of his strong muscled thighs, began to lift and lower him rapidly on my deep-probing dick. My cock pistoned in and out, all ten inches repeatedly exploring hard and deep enough to make certain he got the deep-ass fucking he needed so badly.


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Any images, writings or other content on this website may be copied for personal viewing only.
They may not be: redistributed; sold; altered; enhanced; modified by artificial, digital or computer imaging;
used on another website or blog; posted to any internet or computer newsgroup, forum or media sharing site;
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