Virgin Meat


Illustration by Michael Kirwan and Story by Christopher Pierce


Previously published in Inches magazine - February, 2001


He Was Young, 22 & Hung


When my cock slid inside him, I felt sensations I'd never even imagined. My world transformed, turned inside out, then turned back right again. I didn't know my body could feel this good--it was incredible, mind-blowing ... I was fucking another man for the first time, and it was wonderful.


Here is how it began ...


I was about twenty-two. After meeting Bryan through a friend at a party, we started talking and the next thing we knew it was the next day and everyone was gone or asleep. But we had shared a special night, a meeting of minds, as we discovered all kinds of things we had in common. We went out on our first date that night, and by the next week we were officially an item. Bryan was handsome, with a kind face and pretty eyes. A professional dancer, he was slender and lithe. Our sex got better and better as time went on.


After a few months, he asked me to fuck him. A little embarrassed, I told him that I'd love to and that I'd never done it before. He just smiled and said we'd make it up as we went along. We agreed to get together that evening.


When I arrived at his apartment, the door was a little ajar. I walked into his home, where warm darkness and comforting candlelight greeted me.


After closing and locking the door, I found him in his bedroom. He was ready.


And so was I.


Bryan was older than me by a few years, but I was bigger. Stronger, too, although he had an agile strength all his own. His face was gentle, beautiful. He looked at me with eyes that said, I'm ready; I'll follow your lead, wherever you go. I looked at him and wanted him so badly.


Not just wanted him sexually I wanted to love him, to be inside him, to earn his trust and affection, to make him feel good, as good as he'd made me feel ...


... and I wanted to fuck him better than he'd ever been fucked.


My cock was already hard at the thought of his welcoming ass. I closed the bedroom door and the darkness settled around us.


Turning around, I saw him waiting for me. His eyes met mine without hesitation. In those eyes was desire and submission.


"I'll do what you want," he whispered. "I trust you."


I walked over to him and kissed his mouth, gently at first, then harder. As my lips touched his, my cock got stiffer. Moving closer, our crotches started rubbing together. His cock was stirring and growing larger, too. I just kept kissing him, encircling his body with my arms. It was so good to hold him that way, to feel his muscles and strength under my own, trusting me. My hands moved down and found the edge of his shirt.


Grasping the fabric with both hands, I lifted it up, revealing Bryan's smooth flat stomach and his beautiful chest. He helped me pull his shirt over his head and we let it drop to the floor.


I saw myself reflected in his eyes and felt like I could lose myself in them, falling deeper. They were ocean blue, sparkling and alive with possibilities.


Dropping down to my knees, I worshipped him--in love with him, in love with his body, in love with what we were doing and about to do.


"I want you so much," I said, hardly knowing how to put my feelings into words.


"I want you, too," Bryan answered. "I'm yours; do what you want with me."


When I reached up and pulled his shorts open, his cock was so hard in his underwear that it jutted out from between his legs. I let his shorts fall to his ankles and moved forward, pressing my face into his groin. Running my chin and cheeks up, down and around, I explored the beautiful curve of his cock through the fabric.


Then I reached up one last time and grasped the edges of his underwear. His hands touched my head and his fingers burrowed into my hair, smoothing through it as he stroked my scalp. I pulled his underwear forward, then down, and his cock was exposed, waiting for me.


Bryan's eyes were closed and his hands were in my hair. My tongue came out of my mouth and touched the head of his penis, and both it and my tongue trembled. I ran my tongue up and down his shaft and he moaned and tightened his grip, grasping handfuls of my hair. I couldn't stand it any longer and I grabbed his legs in both of my arms, lifting him up and back, onto the bed. He fell back, resting his head on the pillows and I quickly yanked his shorts and underwear off from around his ankles.


I pulled off my own clothes. Standing there at the foot of the bed for a second, I stared at him. He was so beautiful, laying there waiting for me, and I felt confident and dominating in my nakedness.


Our hard cocks were twin curves in the darkness, two crescent moons. Bryan smiled at me and I felt consumed with desire for him. I crawled up onto the bed like an animal, lying down on top of him, pressing down and holding him in place.


I kissed him, hard hard like our dicks that were rubbing against each other, hard enough to make sparks of excitement fly. We kissed and kissed, exploring each other's mouths with tongues that slid and pressed against each other, wanting to know every inch, to memorize the other's lips and teeth and tongue ...


Reaching down between us, I took Bryan's penis in my hand, gripping the perfect curving cylinder and starting to stroke it up and down. He moaned in pleasure and I knew it was time. With all my strength, I gathered him in my arms and turned him over on his stomach.


Smiling contentedly, Bryan turned his head and rested it on his pillow and waited. His ass was perfect, round and firm and beautiful. Trembling, I moved down on the bed so I was kneeling on top of him. My cock was ready. I rubbed him from the back of his neck all the way down, across his shoulder blades, down his back, over his cheeks, down his legs. And then I leaned over very far until I was resting on my hands and knees over him, paralleling his body with my own.


I took a condom package off his nightstand, ripped it open and slid the latex sheath over my cock.


"Fuck the shit out of me, Chris," Bryan whispered. "Yeah, I wanna feel that huge dick up my ass. Go on; do it, man." A squirt of lube from his nightstand and I was slick enough to fuck him.


The head of my cock felt the entrance to his body, and it quivered. I stroked it gently with one hand and then with both I gently opened his cheeks until the entrance was fully revealed, and I moved forward and my cock-head was there. I pushed gently and slipped inside. He moaned as I filled him with myself, moving in until my dick was all the way in--I had no more to give, but it was more than enough.


He was mine and we were together like one. It felt incredible, like nothing I'd ever felt. I started to move back and forth inside him and I was fucking him, for the first time, really fucking another man. It was surely the greatest pleasure there was.


I started moving faster and I felt the muscles of his ass constrict as they held me tighter and created more friction. We moaned together.


Sweat was breaking out all over my body as Bryan was moved back and forth by the force of my thrusting.


His eyes were squeezed shut, and he had tightened down below to keep me there, to hold me there, as if he was afraid I would pull out. It was like he wanted me there forever, never wanting me to leave him. His fists were clenching and unclenching, and little noises escaped his mouth, little cries of delight and ecstasy as I pumped him harder and harder.


The orgasm was building inside me, slowly but surely, insistently, like a countdown that couldn't be stopped. Close, I was getting very close.


I fell forward onto him, crushing him beneath me. My hands ran through his hair, gripping and releasing, then gripping again. Stretching forward, my lips met his and I kissed him. I could feel my orgasm begin, like a countdown that cannot be stopped. Bryan was purring beneath me as I pounded his willing asshole with my man-rammer. It was like my cock was not only a shaft of hot meat but also a ray of light, and I was filling the man I was making love to with that light, a brilliance that made him glow in the dim bedroom.


It felt so good I started gasping, gulping for air it was like being tickled, pleasure that was so intense it was almost pain. I tore into Bryan: pumping, reaming, screwing, fucking him until my countdown finished:








I climaxed, the light inside me exploding outward, and I screamed a cry of ecstasy and dominance, yet somehow it was also submissive at the same time as if I was his just as much as he was mine.


My condom was filling up with semen as jet after jet squirted out of my cock.


When I couldn't scream anymore, the scream continued, and I realized it was Bryan, his scream merging with my own.


He was feeling everything I felt. We were together, as close as two human beings can get.


And that was enough.



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