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     I was pushing the broom around the courtyard waiting for Mr. Ramirez to come out of Building Six. He was pretty regular and appeared in a few minutes carrying a white plastic bag, veering towards the garbage room in Building One. I intercepted him, trying not to smile too much or seem too eager, and told him that I'd take it as I was on my way back there anyway. He grinned thankfully and raced off to the subway so he wouldn't be late for work. Checking around to make sure none of the less-occupied tenants weren't lining up to chew my ear off about their leaks, fuses or ugly grandkids, I strolled over to the warren of rooms and alleys that lead to an area full of garbage cans and bundled newspapers. Listening for intruders, I untied the knot on Mr. Ramirez's bag and opened it up for inspection.

     About a month ago his toilet was clogged up and I when I snaked it I found two scum-filled condoms as well as some small stuffed animal jammed down there by one of his three kids. Although the toy was the culprit, I told Ramirez that he'd be better off tossing his condoms rather than flushing them. He was a horny guy and didn't trust his wife not to get pregnant again so now he put the jizz-filled latex in the garbage and to keep his rugrats from finding them, took out the trash every day on his way to work. I was pleased to find two slimy bags in amongst the rubbish, they were both loaded with his ball juice and hadn't gotten fucked-up by the rest of the refuse in the package. I gingerly pulled the two prizes from their unfortunate consignment and hastened back to an old storage room that hardly anyone but me knew about where I stepped into the dark, slipped open my pants and began a nice slow jerk off while digging my tongue inside the rubber hoop that had so recently encircled the base of Ramirez's prick. Man, there is no sweeter taste than cum. I usually prefer it straight from the faucet, but hey, when times are tough...

     I was just starting to eat out the load from the second scumbag when I heard voices and scuffling feet nearing my retreat. Slightly annoyed, but curious about who'd venture so far into my lair, I backed up into the inky shadows behind an old boiler to see what was up. Three Puerto Rican punks shoved the Jew boy from apartment 4G into the dark room. He fell to his knees and I got the impression that this was a pretty regular event for him to be pushed around by these kids from the next block. There were three of them and they were all groping themselves in heated anticipation.

     "Ramon, take lookout." said the one with his hat on backwards. As the curly-haired one took up his post guarding the doorway, the other two pulled out their brown uncut cocks and maneuvered in front of their victim. I had begun to stuff my own stiff bone back into my pants and scare the bunch of them out of there until I noticed that the Rosen kid had his pants open and was sporting a hard-on. The little fucker was obviously into this whole mock-rape scene with these Ricans.

     "Hey, Barry, want some cock? Wanna suck on my fat dick again today?" one of them taunted while swiping his bloated meat back and forth across the kneeling boy's face. The other two were chuckling and making comments in Spanish as they watched their friend toying with the Jewish kid. Both their cocks were hard and the guy by the doorway was drizzling pre-cum. I heard the Rosen boy grunt as the Rican slid the entire length of his considerable meat slowly into his hot sucking hole. Yeah, that kid had definitely been on his knees before, he was chewing on that glistening bone like a happy puppy.

     "Go ahead, Barry. You can play with yourself while you suck me off. That's the way. Yeah, boy. Suck me nice like I like it. Suck my big dick, you fuckin' faggot. Ah, shit! Your nice tight faggot throat feels so good on my dick. Suck me all the way down to the root, Barry. Come on, cocksucker, you know how I like it best."

     I could tell by the way the talker's voice was getting hoarse and his thrusting more intense that he was getting ready to blow his wad soon. After he shot off the other guy replaced him. He wasn't much of a coaxer, only murmuring a couple of instructions in Spanish while he face-fucked the boy Barry. He took only a few minutes to cream the Jew's tonsils, I think he was getting off more on the idea of his buddy's tool being so recently in the same gaping orifice. I had kept my eye on him during the first blowjob and he was real interested in the thick tubesteak his friend was sporting.

     "Hey! My turn." Said the jumpy punk squeezing his fuckpole in the doorway. "One of you take the watch while I get my stick licked. I'm so fucking horny. I need him to work on my stick for a while." He turned out to be a panter and moaner and seemed to be prepared the get blown the rest of the afternoon until Rosen snuck a finger up his ass and triggered an explosive ejaculation. Barry's circumcised prick was drooling heavily when the first guy stepped up again and hefted his half-hard past the bruised lips of the cocksucker.

     "You did real good today, Barry. Just so you remember that you're a queer and that I fucking own your cocksucking mouth, I wanna take a leak and I want you to drink it down. You want that, Barry? You wanna taste my piss today, Barry?"

     The kneeling boy shook his head but a big glob of cum spurted from his throbbing dick. "No, please Juan. Not that. Please." He whispered through his scum-smeared lips.

     "Come on, Barry. Just take a little bit. Just a few drops on your tongue." Juan slyly chided as he rubbed his cock back and forth across Barry's trembling face.

     "Juan, no. I'll suck you again if you want but no piss. I can't. You know I don't like it." Rosen pleaded.

     "Please, Barry? You'll make me real happy if you just take a little tiny amount in your mouth and let my cock swim in the warm piss. You want me happy, don't you?" the Puerto Rican suggested somewhat threateningly. "Not a lot of pee, Barry. I promise. Just a few drops in your faggot mouth with my dick is all I'm asking. Do it, Barry. Do it for me." Juan lovingly purred in his thick accent, as the cocksucker's mouth opened to accept the bitter fluid. A huge grin spread over Juan's pretty face and then he rolled his eyes and sighed as he released the yellow stream into it's destination. It wasn't a few drops, it was a full-out horse hosing that made the kid splutter and cough in his effort to drink the urine around the bloated cock wedged in his mouth. I started shooting into my palm when a whiff of the acrid tangy aroma hit my nostrils. My knees were weak from the thrill of watching these guys play out their little sex game. The other guy yanked Rosen's pants from his ass and began jetting hot piss onto his quivering buttocks and the back of his shirt. Man, was it a hot scene! The smell of youthful spunk, sex sweat, and strong urine mixed with the dank musty odor of the storeroom had my gummy prick twitching back to life. "Okay." Said Juan as he pulled up his nylon sweatpants over his drained cock. "That was the way to make me happy man, Barry. See you around, and remember, you're my favorite little faggot in the neighborhood. See you around. Come on, guys. Let's go check out the park. Maybe some girls are hanging out."

     After they shuffled out the Rosen kid stroked himself until he splashed a gooey load into the puddle of piss surrounding him. He doubled over and was breathing hard as I emerged from the shadows and cleared my throat to let him know I'd witnessed his whole act. He was startled and looked panicked as I approached.

     "Take it easy, kid." I said, adjusting my hard-on so it wasn't too obvious. "If you want you can hang in my apartment and I'll wash your clothes so you don't get hassled by your mother. You can't walk around like that. Whaddya say?"

     He seemed to just then comprehend the fact that he was dripping with urine and Rican spooge. Barry inspected himself and then glanced at the tubular bulge snaking down my thigh.

     "Okay. I guess that makes sense since my mom's probably home by now and I don't need her freaking out and calling the cops or something like that."

     He checked his yarmulke and got to his feet, pulling his stained stinking underwear and pants up to cover himself. He followed me through the dim passageways until we arrived at my basement apartment. Inside I gave him an old robe that I hardly ever washed and watched him peel the clothes from his sallow white flesh. He seemed embarrassed and creeped out to be in my shabby living room. I get paid to keep the building clean, not so my domicile. I trotted his piss-soaked outfit to the washer room, taking a good inhale of the damp jockeys before feeding in the quarters and tipping some soap powder into the machine. I stayed until everything was cleaned, giving the boy a chance to relax before I returned. When the stuff had been packed into the dryer I headed back home. Barry was sitting on the couch watching TV when I slipped into the room and locked the door behind me.

     "Thanks for taking care of my shirt and pants." He said, gazing absently around the small dingy room.

     "No problem." I answered, sitting at the other end of the couch and pretending to watch the flickering colors on the screen. I undid the snaps of my pants and continued staring at the television program.

     After a few minutes of silence the Rosen kid cleared his throat and asked, "Did you watch the whole thing back there?"

     "Sure did." I said.

     "You're not gonna tell my folks what happened, are you?"

     "Hey, it's none of my business. At first I thought you might be having a problem but it soon became apparent that you were okay with it so I just watched. You been sucking those guys off for a while?" I said, turning towards him.

     He blushed and tugged at the lapel of the bathrobe and then whispered, "Just a couple of months."

     "Well, anytime you need to get cleaned up afterwards before going home you can come here." I said, fingering my growing cock through my pants. He noticed and then turned away, blushing again.

     "Are you just into sucking and pissplay?" I inquired.

     "Whaddya mean?"

     "That guy, Juan, has he fucked you yet?" I said.

     "Uh, no. He says he wants to but only if the other guys aren't around and we have a place and some time." Barry said.

     "You two can do it here if you like."

     "Uh, thanks. That's...uh...nice of you, I guess." He swallowed hard as I stood up and unzipped.

     "Watching you boys got me real hot. I'm still hard. See?"

     He checked out my bobbing prick jutting from the thick bush of my pubes and then averted his gaze. He swallowed again and fidgeted with the robe's belt.

     "What about you?" I asked, stepping nearer and pinching my piss-slit.


     "Let me see your cock. Drinking all that jizz and piss was pretty hot. You got a boner now?" I inched closer.

     He looked at my slab of veiny boysticker and then at my face before slowly parting the robe and exposing his cut young hard-on. His prick thumped against his belly nervously when I touched his shoulder. He shuddered and I heard his foot tapping spasmodically on the worn rug. His hand slowly took hold of my cock and he squeezed lightly. His fingers were like cool feathers.

     "We have enough time before your clothes are dry." I cooed. "You can suck me right here, but if you want some piss too we'd better use the bathtub." I said.

     He jerked my long blood-engorged tool without ever looking right at me. I slid my pants off and began pulling at my tee shirt when he breathed an answer so softly that I barely heard him.

     "What did you say?" I asked gently.

     "I guess the bathroom." Barry intoned in resigned but needy whisper.

     "Let's go." I said.


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Any images, writings or other content on this website may be copied for personal viewing only.
They may not be: redistributed; sold; altered; enhanced; modified by artificial, digital or computer imaging;
used on another website or blog; posted to any internet or computer newsgroup, forum or media sharing site;
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