Illustrations by Michael Kirwan 

 Story by Chevy Brown


originally published in Mandate Magazine - January, 2000 issue


When in Rome

Lesson One:  How To Fuck A Soldier 



Climbing the wet slate steps, Auric felt a brief, precious solitude. Alone, he turned and looked over the camp of Roman mariners, over the sea wall and into the strange Atlantic. A convoy of ships was trying its luck, departing west.


The Reception Hall of the Governor was crowded with small statues, devices and books. It looked at once like the loot hall of pirates or the office of a powerful legate. Governor Aenedis was a mix of both, standing there wrapped in white and gold robes. His fat fingers were crowded with rings. Beside the Governor, a mighty Centurion named Justino stood in full regalia with a broad-handled sword on one hip, a twisted blood-red vitis on the other. Auric recognized Justino by his size and the shape of his body and, of course, by the crest on his shield. Justino's face, hidden beneath a helmet, revealed only the glints of his eyes.


"Ahh ... A messenger with words for you, sir," a page announced, drawing the attention of the room and creating a pause within the chatter. Auric wore a very light armor, made for running not battle. It clung to the contours of a lean leopard-like body. His helmet was little more than a coronet, adorned with gray dove wings. Two golden brown eyes dominated the symmetry of his open, unbearded face. At that moment, rain drenched, panting and flushed, he struggled to catch his breath. He was that beautiful.


"More messages?" the Governor asked over a pile of scrolls. The Centurion remained unmoved. He might have been a statue, if not for the watchfulness that emanated from those mysterious glints.


"A return message from Ambassador Sye," Auric said and the Governor nodded at him to proceed. Auric stiffened, not himself. "'Honorable Governor, the steps you have taken lack urgency.'"


"'Lack urgency'?" Aenedis spit. The Governor had the treble of fear in his voice. Auric had seen the Governor throw tantrums and express wild emotions--he was far from reserved. But Auric had never seen fear until now and he could not imagine why. Trade between Rome and Jince was responsible for many fortunes and had powerful friends in both empires.


"How angry did he seem?" Aenedis asked.


"I've never seen him angry," Auric answered.


"You have this day," Aenedis said obliquely, admitting a defeat to himself. He pushed all the scrolls aside. They apparently cluttered his thoughts. "Never mind! I will not be scolded like a child. If he has any matters of value to discuss, then good. I will see him at the feast of Gilbraith."


A look of recognition crossed Auric's face. Aenedis did not fail to notice.


"He is a merchant prince, celebrating the arrival of his fleet. You have heard of him?" Aenedis asked strumming his fingers on the claw end of his throne chair.


"I noticed him on the docks. He's had quite a bit of luck in these troubled times," Auric replied in a neutral tone.


"You noticed him ... and I'm quite sure he noticed you. Okay, I'm not intuitive. I know it for a fact."


Auric said nothing but his head cocked as if he had started and frozen a shake of his head, a no.


"It is time that I made an overture to this particular merchant. If there are troubles off the coast and ... anxiety with our friends abroad, then we must attend to our alliances within. This merchant, Gilbraith Abil, is rich and he has a thousand foreign sailors under his employ."


"An overture?" Auric asked without wavering, though going red, starting with his neck.


"You will be my gift to him ...," Aenedis said and, as he saw a cloud on Auric's face, he hardened in his throne. "You know the art of making love to a man?"


"Well, sir." Auric felt as if he was standing on a wire. The window was quite a few paces away and beyond it only gray yet he felt like he was falling through the mist. Though it was not possible, he could almost hear the Atlantic crashing on the rocks below.


"Have you ever done it before?" Aenedis asked plainly. He was officious, deaf to protest.


Though he tried to keep his stance, Auric began to break down, clearly uncomfortable with the line of questioning. "Yes, at my first post, Darcusius, the tax collector." His voice broke.


"Perhaps you were shown improperly." Aenedis was not moved emotionally but still at a loss. Auric was a perfect beauty. Aenedis himself had never gone for looks ... or for brains or for kindness of heart. He went for pride. Since Auric was not overly proud, Aenedis regarded him as trustworthy but also stupid, lacking. In any case, he had very little time.


"I do not wish to hand you to Gilbraith a blubbering mess. Go with Justino. He has a gentle hand. Justino, give Auric a lesson and show what is expected of him."


Justino pulled off his helmet. His face was the face of any Roman, no more handsome than most, but his body exuded a force of its own and a rich, sweet smell. He radiated the sort of pride the Governor admired. He was ample with thick arms that were scarred with nicks and hands that were rough and strapped. He led Auric away and down a hall. The people that passed them in the hall seemed to know that they were headed off to bed. The whole world seemed allied to that action.


By the time they reached a private room, Auric had lost his sense of direction.


"You're wet," Justino said, approached a table, grabbed a flask and drank a swig ofwine.


"Well, it's raining," Auric answered, "I must be in the rain, if I'm told to."


"I thought you might like to dry off, that's all. You want some wine?"


Auric remained silent and nervously sized up the room. It was simple, neat and military, just a bunk and crude table. It already felt like the scene of a great crime.


"You'll have to relax. A few swigs of wine will help."


Auric obeyed but also stepped back. Justino stepped forward. He would lose no ground between them. He's just going to get closer and closer, Auric thought, until he's inside me.


"He will want you to hold his cock, but do not put your hand on it until you see or feel that it is hard. Rub it with your body but do not touch it with your hand, at least not at first. Often, those we are required to sleep with do not have big cocks. They don't want it acknowledged until it's at its best. You can see that I'm erect, just at the sight of you, the thought of fucking you. You can put your hand on it," whispered Justino, licking Auric's ear with each hushed word. Auric was immobile. He stared down at the guard's crotch as it strained against its leather casing.


"Be the one to set it loose. Play the liberator of his cock." Justino kissed the side of Auric's face. "He will be eternally grateful."


Auric reached down and fumbled with the straps. He suddenly wanted the task done. Though he was still embarrassed and afraid, he felt a small victory as each strap gave way. Justino let out a sigh as his cock swung upward and throbbed.



"Take your clothes off," Justino said. Auric took off his soft lion leather armor. His perfect masculine body lay beneath. Calves and thighs thick from running. A chest and abs accented with only the tiniest patch of blond fur. Arms, not huge, but strong. Beautiful veins traveling down to his exquisitely constructed hands. And his manhood, a proud cock and balls with eight inches of thick pleasure. Still, it was Justino's juicing dick that deserved initial attention.


"He will want you to suck it. He should have to beg for it a little. That's only fair, but you should tighten your grip, turn it around, play with it. Then you lick at the head." Justino stroked his own cock, showed it as he would a proud animal.


"Go ahead," he offered, but despite his own stiffening dick, Auric delayed.


"You said he should have to beg a little." Auric was naked on the cold stone floor. His eyes showed a mixture of lust and fear. They looked at each other for a moment, a current of love and hate between them. Justino broke the stare, enfolded his charge with the heat of his body and brought him to the bed.


Justino stripped off his shirt to reveal a broad-backed hulking body. Auric was reminded that this Centurion was more than a showpiece of Roman regalia; he was a real soldier, completely hardened by military conditioning. His cock was the most impressive muscle of all, casting a long shadow across his thigh. Justino tossed off the pants and slid onto the bed, desperate to get his cock where Auric could suck it.


"Please," Justino whispered. Auric went beneath the sheets. He licked and nipped his way down. Justino's body slid by his mouth, neck, shoulder, nipple and stomach. He found Justino's cock laying fat and heavy. He licked, exciting it to jump up from where it laid. Then he took the head in his mouth and gingerly tasted it. The cock felt hard on his face, like a good heavy hammer. Justino pushed his hammer in, stretching Auric's lips and filling his throat. Auric reared away and wiped his mouth.


"Gilbraith can have whatever he wants. Our port is overrun with whores of every sex. You suck cock like a woman. Gilbraith wants a man." Justino grabbed Auric by the hair and put him back to work.


Justino's hip rocked with the bolder movement, alternately choking and humiliating Auric as his anger welled up with wounded pride. He sucked harder, determined to be the master of his actions, determined not to be overwhelmed.


"That's good," Justino moaned. "Take a whole throatful. Take it all. You'll be a fine cock-sucker." They wrestled together this way. Justino was utterly rigid fighting back orgasm, grimacing at the hot poker of his cock. Sometimes he was over Auric, fucking his face and embarking on a new momentum. Justino pulled out and pressed Auric into the pillows. His gaze poured over the naked form, owning and containing all that he saw.


"Now see how I do it," Justino grinned, licking his lips. He held Auric's feet between his legs while stroking Auric's thighs closer and closer to the loin. Auric gave into the urge to stroke himself and began to monkey with his cock. Justino's hands were working their way up so that, soon, the two pairs of hands were sparring for possession of the same meaty shaft. One set of hands was young and rosy, the other sunbeaten and strong. Justino's strong hands won out. Justino stroked with his lips ever closer to the cock. Auric could feel his breath on it, the barest brush of his whiskered skin. Then he felt his cock overcome, suddenly, by Justino's hot wet mouth. Justino took complete possession, sucking hard. He moved his tongue down and began to lick hungrily at his balls. Auric pushed his cock against Justino's cheek and nose. Again he sucked his bloated prick. He then climbed up on Auric and they kissed with the taste of sex between them. Justino had a wonderful mouth. His lips and tongue were full and strong.


"Auric," Justino said again, delirious, "You must learn to get fucked."


"Is there anything to it?" Auric smiled and rolled onto his belly.


"If you have to ask, then this must be your first time with a real man." Justino pulled Auric's ass up and gave it a good slap. He rubbed his cockhead on the pucker. "Brace yourself. This may hurt at first."



And hurt it did. They both were gasping. The rocking back and forth was timid at first; it had to be. Justino's cock was big and fat and Auric's hot little hole was in full rebellion. The wave of heat that often follows pain gave way to something else, a type of overwhelming, unforgiving pleasure. Slowly, Justino tapped into that crudest of desires, the need to fuck any rutting pig. His back and hips gave into this desire so that beneath his hot brain was only a type of beast. His dick was the focus of these combined energies: beast, sweet lover, rigid cock, pliant asshole.


Auric learned the hard way that cock is king and had found some faithful bliss in this. Justino had fucked him silly. This is literally to say, he was delirious, totally fucked. Justino pulled out his cock to hold off cumming just a little while longer. When Justino flipped him over he was pleased to see that Auric's expression was completely senseless. He kept Auric moaning with his devilish, uncanny fingers. He just rubbed Auric's asshole, nothing fancy, but the pleasure was for Auric, almost madness. For the roughness of the fingertips and the physical heat of the man behind them, if for nothing else, the act of devotion.


Justino put his cock back in. This time Auric was on his back and no longer looking at the pillows. The full display of Justino's sweating chest, the adorable pained expression of his grunting fucking face filled Auric's eyes. He liked to watch as the cock entered him, as Justino grit his teeth. Every now and then their eyes caught and Justino smiled. "Good," he said. "Sweet ass." He pulled out his cock and yanked Auric forward, confronting the younger man's face with his painfully hard cock.


"You are ready for your anointing," Justino said and a sudden stream of cum splattered Auric's face. Auric's own cockhead lifted up in the air and begged for release. Justino reached around and did nothing more than wrap his meaty hand around Auric's balls. That was enough. Auric's load shot out harder than piss.


He looked at Justino's face, his broken and reset nose, the scar along the lid of his left eye, how that eye was just a little more wet, a little more wounded. Sometimes an onion is more beautiful than a rose.


They laid in the bed with the flask of wine finished between them.


"So tonight, I have to be with a stranger, this Gilbraith Abil," Auric considered. "I wonder what he shall teach me."


Justino unleashed a bellyful of laughter. Already, Auric's crotch was growing again.



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