Who's For Dessert? 


 Art by Michael Kirwan  
 Story by Andrés M. Garcia 



— Previously published in Inches magazine - November, 2001 —


— This chef's finest taste treat is under his foreskin —


I had just graduated from a culinary school in Arizona where I was at the top of my class. My name was being mentioned in restaurants in Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado. I decided that my first interview would have to be in Santa Fe, because there was plenty of money there and, well, let's face it, a lot of hot guys.

The restaurant was called Armanrique's, the combination of Armando and Enrique, the young gay couple who owned the restaurant. They were rich and knew my last fuck buddy, Spencer, so they had no problems trusting me right off. Since, after all, it was a gourmet restaurant, always packed and very pricey (a five-course dinner for two with a bottle of wine and cocktails could easily cost three hundred and fifty dollars), they'd start me off at forty thousand. Besides, I'd come highly recommended.

I wouldn't be starting work until the next day, so I decided to look around the town square. Across the street I noticed a gorgeous white guy with beautiful natural blond hair, intense blue eyes and slightly pale skin. His cheeks were rosy from the biting cold air, and he was puffing on a cigarette. He wore neatly pressed black slacks and a white tuxedo-style shirt. I assumed he was a cater-waiter, since, after all, I had worked plenty of catering jobs while I was in school and knew the look. I was twenty-three now, and this guy looked a little younger than me. I watched him as he walked down the square, working his ass like he was kneading dough for French bread. That was some white bread I wouldn't mind taking a bite out of.

On my first day Armando introduced me to the kitchen staff and the wait staff. As I went down the line shaking the hands of all the servers, I noticed someone in the back brewing tea. The blond hair made my balls jump and I noticed the black pants and white long-sleeve shirt. He also had a black apron cinched around his slender waist.

"Scott!" Armando yelled, but kindly. "Come and meet our new chef, Miguel."

Scott stopped cutting lemons and glanced at me. He smiled, wiped his wet hands on his apron and walked over to shake my hand. His hands were smooth and clammy. I could only imagine how beautiful Scott's dick was and how it would look in the palm of my light brown hand. A lot of white guys dug me since my sizzling skin was the color of a lightly toasted almond. Something tells me they also enjoyed that I was six-foot-three, buff and had a big fat uncut Latino dick. As the meeting broke up I walked to the restroom to take a leak before we opened for dinner.

I pulled my soft dick out of my pants and peeled my foreskin back, allowing my sweaty cock-head some air. The door opened and I turned around. Scott smiled at me as he walked up to the urinal next to mine. As I started to unload, I noticed Scott staring at my dick.

"Nice," he said smiling.

I smiled back. "Thanks. Let's see if I can say the same thing."

Scott pulled his zipper down and fumbled with his briefs until he popped out a chubby, flaccid, pink five-incher. His dick was perfectly cut. I started salivating as I stared at it.

"Well?" he asked, awaiting my answer.

"Fuckin' hot," I said, clenching my penis and squeezing the remaining drops from my cock.

"I like all that foreskin," Scott said peering down at my cock again.

I pulled the dark rubbery skin back down over my cockhead just to let him see how much I had. Guys always loved it because I had a lot of extra elastic skin for their mouths to play with, to pull on and to bite.

By now Scott had a nice stream going and his dick was getting semi-hard as he watched me pull on my rubber-band hood.

"I'm sure we'll talk later," I said, packing my meat back into my pants.

"I'm sure we will too," Scott said giving his beautiful pink prick a good shake.

Throughout the night as Scott picked up his orders, he'd smile and flirt with me. In my mind I kept getting flashes of his rosy dick and I'd start popping a boner. The kitchen got so busy I'd end up having to concentrate on all the plates, making sure each one looked impeccable. My body was sweating profusely from all the heat the grill, steamer, fryer, oven and stove produced. But the job was fun and it kept me on my feet.

As the hectic night was winding down, more of the kitchen staff and servers were allowed to leave. I had to finish the kitchen, and again, I had to take a leak after a five hour shift on my feet. In the bathroom I splashed some water on my face and dried it off with a paper towel. The door opened behind me as I stood at the sink, then I heard the door latch lock. I looked up into the mirror.

"We're gonna have to stop meeting like this, Miguel," Scott said, undoing his zipper.

I turned around and Scott walked up to me and grabbed my crotch, planting a wet kiss on my lips. He tasted sweet, like he had just eaten a crème brule. Our tongues were entwined as he grabbed my hand and forced it onto his firm penis. He lowered my pants to allow my sweaty warm cock some air. Scott dropped to his knees and skinned my big, thick cock, taking a whiff of my sweaty cock-head. The scent was especially musky because of the hot, stressful night in the kitchen. Scott leaned into my cock and took another sniff, smiling up at me with those piercing blue eyes. He licked my slimy cockhead, making sure he lapped up all the residue that had formed inside my penis sleeve. I liked the sounds his mouth made as his tongue licked up and down my veiny shaft.

"Mmmm, you taste good, Miguel. This one uncut guy I did smelled nasty, like rotten fish or somethin'. But you smell fuckin' great," Scott said, taking another whiff.

Pre-cum had started oozing out of my piss-hole, and Scott lapped it up like a hummingbird feeding on sweet nectar. Scott gave great slobbery head. He'd deep-throat my ten-inch Mexican meat-stick until he got a nose-full of black pubes. I looked down and noticed he was jacking himself off as he sucked on me.

"I want you to fill my mouth with your cream," Scott said, jerkin' my tool almost too hard. The slight pain made my asshole pulse with intense pleasure.

I looked down and smiled at him, running my hand through his beautiful blond hair. I grabbed a handful of his locks and pulled his lips off my boner. Clenching my dick, I started whacking Scott across the mouth with my pole.

"If you want me to go home with you, you better fuckin' cum, Miguel," Scott said slightly threatening.

My nuts constricted at the thought of taking Scott home and making my hot ass-eating fantasies come true. I stuffed my dick into the back of his throat. He groaned, and jacked at my shaft until I shot a few ounces of sweetened cream down his gullet. Scott gulped it down, holding my dick in his mouth until it went limp.

"Get on your knees," Scott commanded, dick still in his hand.

Like a good soldier, I did as I was told. Scott aimed his pink boner at my face , brushing his oozing bright-red head against my lips. His pre-cum was salty but tasted delicious. I sucked and licked the well-defined head as he jerked his shaft vigorously.

"Ready," he said, panting. "I'm gonna fuckin' cum!"

I opened my mouth and pursed my lips over his dick, feeling his gooey white cream spray the insides of my mouth. He knew how to shoot, because I could feel his cum coating the back of my throat. There were about five good squirts before I felt the slow dribbles of his thick, warm, salty, juice drop on my tongue.

"Wow," he said, looking down at me.

"I know," I said, amazed at this quick, yet fulfilling experience.

"So do I get to go home with you tonight, Miguel?" Scott asked zipping up his fly.

"If you want," I said, teasing him with my dark brown panda bear eyes.

I walked back into the kitchen and helped the dishwasher finish up all the pots and pans. Scott walked into the kitchen just as we finished cleaning up.

"We're done in the front, Miguel," he said nonchalantly, as if nothing had happened less than an hour ago in the toilet.

"Good, is anyone else here?" I asked professionally. "Nah, I'm locking up tonight."

"Good night," Johnny the dishwasher said, throwing his apron into one of the huge laundry sacks.

"Good night," Scott and I said in unison, smiling at each other. Scott locked the front door and the back door that Johnny had just used.

"I thought we were going to my hotel room," I said, dumbfounded.

Scott had this sinister smile on his face, like he had just tied some innocent to the train tracks. He started unbuttoning his white long-sleeve work shirt, revealing a tight white tank top. The kitchen was cool now that all of the sources of heat had been turned off. I could see Scott's perky nipples poking through his cotton T-shirt. He unbuckled his belt and flung his shoes at me. He was wearing white socks. The black pants fell into a puddle at his feet. His legs were lightly furred with blond hair, muscular and slightly tanned.

I unbuttoned my white double-breasted chef's coat and took my black tennis shoes off. As I undressed, Scott removed the tank top, revealing a pair of pointy salmon-colored nipples, brighter than his dick. He had very light blond fleece between his small pecs and sprouting blond hairs circled his quarter-sized nipples. He lifted up his arms, revealing some very sexy armpits, full of the same blond hair that covered his creamy, muscular thighs. I took my pants off and stood there, tenting my black boxer briefs.

"Have you ever fucked in a kitchen?" Scott asked in a deep masculine voice.

"Not in a restaurant," I replied as serious as he had asked.

"Take your shirt and your boxers off," Scott commanded, slowly stroking himself through his white briefs.

I did as I was told.

"Do you eat ass?" Scott asked.

"Fuck, yeah," I told him, salivating at the idea of bending this blond waiter over and licking his asshole up and down.

Scott dropped his briefs, allowing his blushing penis to spring up and down. He walked over to the stainless steel prep table where we cut all the vegetables and propped himself onto it. He bent over, doggy style, and opened his peachy buns. His hole was bright pink, almost red like a cherry. Dirty blond fur blanketed his ass and lined his crack. He had a scent to him. All of the running around in the dining room had caused him to perspire and it mixed with his body oils. He smelled like crotch, like deliciously warm sex. I dove in and licked up and down his sweaty, salty crack, tickling the pink slimy center with the tip of my tongue.

He tasted better than anything I had ever made. As I lapped at his tangy hole, I could feel his butt fur tickling my cheeks. His hairy blond nut-sack dangled at my chin until I had the insatiable urge to suck his whole scrotum into my mouth.

"Awww, fuck!" he groaned loudly. "Yeah, Miguel, suck on them nuts!" he yelled, cheering me on.

My tongue pulsed against his hole, trying to penetrate it a little, but he was tight, perfect for fucking. Scott turned over and pressed his saliva-covered ass on the cold metal table.

"Suck my dick, chef," he told me, waving his firm eight-inch beauty in my face.





I walked over to the cooler and pulled out a squeeze bottle of raspberry puree that we used to decorate dessert plates with. Scott smiled at me, enthralled at this idea. I covered his nipples with the chilled raspberry sauce and licked it off, feeling that the cold sauce made his nipples as hard as crystal. I squirted the sweetened syrup all over his cock, making what had been salty, red and sugary. I deep-throated the raspberry popsicle-dick until my nose was sniffing his light blond pubes. Scott began panting, and I reached up to his chest and started manipulating his iced nipples like tiny joysticks. I hopped on the table next to him and began sucking on his lightly hairy nips, like they were fine Belgian chocolates. Scott went crazy as I licked his sticky raspberry-covered pees, leaving red saliva trails all over his chest and abdomen. Scott put his arms behind his head, and I could smell the odor of his exposed armpits. The deodorant had worn off. I started licking Scott's armpits, loving the rugged scent and taste, driving him even more over the top. Our dicks were sandwiched on top of each other and I pulled my body in between his legs.

"Fuck me, Miguel. I want your big Mexican prick up my hole! "

I pulled Scott's legs over his head, revealing the tight pink buttonhole again. I licked at it a little more, rubbing it with my finger. I pressed on his cherry, inserting my finger slightly and spitting into his already soaking ass-crack. Scott needed plenty of lube before he could take my thick hooded sausage. I took the raspberry puree bottle and inserted the cone-shaped tip into Scott's tight butthole. I squeezed the bottle very slowly, wanting the chill to excite his rectal nerves before I licked out the puree and fucked the living hell out of him.

Scott panted, reacting to the cold raspberry puree. "Come on; just stick your huge cock in my ass!" Scott had become an impatient fuck, starving for big, thick cock.

I pulled my foreskin back and smeared all my pre-cum up and down Scott's ass-crack. Scott leaned into my dick, easing my bulbous glistening red cock-head into his tight gooey hole.

Slowly I pushed in, opening his puckered man-snatch more and more until every inch of my slimy pole was up his chute. I waited before thrusting, allowing his manhole to adjust to my size before I plowed his sweet ass. His face contorted in a mixture of pain and pleasure-more of the latter.

"Okay, now fuck me like a jack-hammer!" he said, half-smiling at me.

I pulled out all the way, leaving his once-tight hole more than slightly used. My foreskin had closed back over my cock-head, so I pulled it back as far as I could and rammed my shaft into his ass. Scott squealed in delight, smiling as I thrust my uncut sausage up his wet rectum. With each push I tried to force myself harder through his taut strawberry hole, so he could feel my cock-head slamming through his sticky insides. I was a long wooden rolling pin kneading him like cookie dough.

"Fuck, yeah, Miguel. Come on! I wanna feel your hairy nut-sack slap me in the ass!"

I did as I was told, slamming my dick so hard into him that my big brown elephant balls swung forward and slapped his butt-cheeks. I looked at Scott's happy face. He was licking his lips as I humped away at his cute, furry bubble-butt. I held onto his thighs as I pumped at him like I was trying to inflate a basketball.





"I'm gonna cum," Scott moaned as he wanked his meat. His mushroom cap head turned bright red, almost purple, as he manhandled his dick. White goo, the consistency of a sugar glaze, spurted all over Scott's gyrating torso. I kept pounding away at his sweet ass as he sprayed his white syrup all over his chest and across the metal prep table.

"Keep fucking until you cream my insides," Scott said, taking my engorged prick like a prison bitch. I loved how my dark brown cock looked, entering and exiting Scott's white ass. It looked like dark chocolate on white chocolate, and scrumptious.

I felt my nuts tighten. Gobs of my thick creamy jizz gushed out of my cinnamon-colored monster cock, filling Scott's ass and coating every inch of his pleasured man-cunt. I pulled my dick out as it went limp, unplugging Scott's rear. My sludge began dripping out of his well-used butthole like royal icing out of a piping bag. Scott lay on the wet steel table, oozing my cream, pleased at the artistry the new chef brought to this restaurant, and to him.

I knew I'd feel at home at this job, especially since I knew Scott would find a way to close the restaurant with me every night. There were plenty of other dessert sauces, purees and creamy concoctions that I could use as we experimented on our own gastronomic adventures.



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Any images, writings or other content on this website may be copied for personal viewing only.
They may not be: redistributed; sold; altered; enhanced; modified by artificial, digital or computer imaging;
used on another website or blog; posted to any internet or computer newsgroup, forum or media sharing site;
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