10 Inch Persuasion


 Illustrations by Michael Kirwan 

Story by Chaz





















Originally published in Mandate magazine - October, 1998



Straight Bro Resorts to Gay Mouth



Kenny and I used to party a lot with one another, but I never thought that he was interested in men--let alone me. I mean, he's dating my lesbian roommate's mother. Kenny's tall, about six feet, two inches. His skin's the color of light caramel and his body's hard and muscular from weight lifting. He's one of the best-looking men I've ever laid my eyes on. Rosalee (my roommate), Kenny and I are sitting around the kitchen table drinking gin and tonic while playing Five Hundred Rummy. Kenny's just hanging around until Rosalee's mom shows up. Kenny and Rosalee's mother have been going out together for about seven months. She's already two hours late. We're all feeling pretty tipsy.

"So what time was my mom supposed to pick you up?"

"She said somewhere around four o'clock. Hey, if she doesn't show up it's no problem. I'm having fun just chilling out with you guys anyway," Kenny says with unbelievable confidence.

I throw my cards onto the table. "I'm out!" I yell with excitement.

Kenny and Rosalee look at me. "What!?" They scream in disbelief. Kenny grabs for my cards while Rosalee tries to take them from Kenny.

"Damn, he had rummy alright!" Kenny exclaims as he looks at me and smiles.

"I'm going to make myself a victory drink. Would you both like one also?" I say with playful attitude as I grab my empty glass.

"Yes, and make it a little stronger than last time," Kenny states.

"And make mine a little more stronger than Kenny's this time," Rosalee adds with a joyful smile. I pick up everyone's glasses carefully and walk over to the liquor cabinet. I turn my head around toward the kitchen table and notice Kenny looking at my ass. He turns his head up toward the window above the table like he's pondering something. Maybe my ass? I continued fixing our drinks.

"Kenny, it's your turn to shuffle the cards," Rosalee says as she grabs Kenny's arm and shakes him away from whatever he's day-dreaming about. Kenny shakes his head into reality.

"No problem. I'm an expert at shuffling."

"I'm sure, among other things," I can't hold myself back from saying. Kenny looks at me with disapproval and continues to shuffle the deck of cards. I bring all of us our drinks, and then proceed to sit back down at the table. Kenny turns to Rosalee.

"Your turn to cut the cards, Rosalee." Rosalee separates the deck and puts it back together as one. Kenny deals the cards, and we look at them.

"Chuck, I don't think you're gonna win this hand. Mine looks pretty damn good," Rosalee smarts off to me with a friendly demeanor. Kenny looks at Rosalee with disgust.

"Well, hell, I don't even know why I'm playing cards with you two. I have nothing in my hand this time either. What is this, some kind of race conspiracy?"

"Oh, Kenny, it doesn't matter what you start off with, what matters is what you end up with," I say, grabbing Kenny's leg tightly under the table. Kenny abruptly pushes my hand away without Rosalee noticing a thing. We continue to play cards and drink for about an hour more, although maybe I've had enough.

"I've had it. No more losing for me. Your mom's not showing up, and I think I'm on the verge of being wasted," Kenny snarls as he lifts himself up from the chair and walks over to the kitchen sink to put his glass up.

"Yeah, me too. Kenny could you help Chuck put the rest of the stuff up?" Rosalee stretches her arms up into the air and stands up on the tip of her toes. She walks toward the stairway and turns back around toward the kitchen.

"Kenny, did you ever get to fix your window? You know that it's snowing outside?"

"Shit, I didn't. I thought that your mom was gonna pick me up so I figured that I would try to fix it tomorrow. It said nothing about snowing in the newspaper this morning."

"Well, I hate to tell you, but that was this morning," Rosalee says. Then: "You can either sleep in Chuck's room or mine. It's up to you, but I'm going to bed right now."

"I'll sleep in Chuck's room. You just go to bed." Rosalee continues up the stairs and goes to bed. Kenny turns around and continues to help me clean the kitchen.

"You don't mind if I sleep in your room tonight?" Kenny looks directly into my eyes for an answer.

"No, but I figured with me being gay and all--I mean--I'm surprised that you think you could trust me, alone in a room with you." Kenny turns away from me.

"Oh, I trust you," Kenny says. "Although it's not always easy. You shake your ass around this house so much, no one can help but to stare at it. I'm going to take a shower and I'll see you in your room in about ten to fifteen minutes."

Kenny leaves the kitchen, walks upstairs to the restroom and begins to take a shower. I finish cleaning the rest of the kitchen, turn the lights off downstairs and proceed to my bedroom. I go to my closet to find a loose shirt to put on and shorts. I pull my shirt off and put the clean one on, unzip my jeans and throw them off into the open closet. I slide my underwear off and put my shorts on. I light a few candles, turn the television on and plop onto my bed.

Kenny gets out of the shower, dries himself off and puts his white terrycloth robe on. He goes into the storage room and grabs a couple of blankets and his pillow. He then walks over to my room and opens the door.

"Knock, knock!"

"Come on in, Kenny."

"Can I put my blankets down here?"

"No problem, put them anywhere you want." Kenny throws the blankets onto the floor.

"I forgot something. I'll be right back." Kenny comes back with his tobacco, cigarette papers and cigarette roller. He looks at me and sits on my bed where I am laying.

"I thought I would roll a couple of cigarettes while I was in your room," he says smiling at me with some sort of strange look.

I smile back. He sits facing me. He spreads his legs open, to maintain his balance on the side of the bed, which opens his white robe. The opening exposes his right hairy testicle and lying beside his ball a long, thick piece of black uncircumcised cock. I look down at his large cock in shock. Does he know that it is showing? Does he want me to touch it? Is he coming on to me?

You always read about this kind of shit, but I never in my wildest dreams could have imagined this. I look back up at Kenny's face and he is licking the side of his cigarette paper with his eyes closed. I look back down at his soft, flaccid, puffy black cock. His pubic hair is beautiful. It frames his big dick and balls with precision. His loose balls are dragging against my bedspread with every move he makes. His fat dick-head digging against his robe.

I want to suck his cock. I'm thinking, *Stop licking that cigarette paper*. I look back up at him. His eyes are still closed as he continues to lick the cigarette paper.

"Kenny, your dick is showing." Kenny opens his eyes and stops licking the cigarette paper. He looks down between his thick thighs, spreads them open even more.

"Do whatever you want to do to me."

I don't know what to say. I grab the terrycloth belt to the robe and untie it. The robe falls open.

I'm finally able to see the best part of his sculptured torso. I'm so nervous. I push my hands against his silky smooth chest to push him down onto my bed. He pulls his robe off and continues the process of laying his candle-lit body down.

I pull my shorts off, releasing my cock from confinement. My dick wiggles from excitement, dripping pre-cum down into my red pubic hair. I spread my legs and straddle his body, my hard white cock against his. I love the feel of my opened thighs against his closed legs. My legs spread tightly around his. I lean down and slowly lick his belly button thoroughly. I then lick my way up from his belly button to between his chest. I slide my tongue to his right nipple, licking it quickly, blowing on it, then biting it softly. I slide my tongue over to his left nipple and gently do the same thing. I lift my head up from his left nipple and press my lips against his. I open my mouth to French kiss him, but he refuses to open his mouth. I try to lick his mouth open with the force of my darting tongue with no success. He continues to lie there, not moving, just enjoying the ride to homosexuality.

I start pushing my fat cock against his. Rubbing it against his wiry pubic hair and silky soft-skinned dick. His hard cock feels so good against mine. I feel him begin to pump against me. We join our hardened tools with loud smacks of sexuality. Kenny lifts his body up to meet mine coming down. I want to cum with him so badly. I wanted to feel his juice rubbing against my stomach. *Stop it*, I think to myself.

I kiss him once more on his closed fat lips and then let my tongue drift down to his pulsating cock, leaving a trail of wetness. I suck his dick-head into my mouth, releasing it quickly. I then wrap my tongue and lips around his thick, fat, brown shaft and glide down to his helium-filled balls. I let go of his shaft and stick my tongue below his balls and lick the hairy space between his ass and fuzzy testicles. I swallow each ball into my wet mouth, dripping saliva onto his legs. I nibble on his hard padded left thigh, then right.

He squirms with enjoyment. I lick back up his ten-inch cock and begin jerking his dick into my mouth. He pushes me to stop. He then grabs his knees, while laying on his back, and pulls them towards his face. This provides easier access to his balls and ass. I don't know if he wants me to fuck him or what. I just continue to suck his cock, licking it and taking in any and all scents that his beautiful body provides. I lift my right hand up toward his ass and slowly stick my finger in it while I continuously suck on his dick He moans and then does nothing. I began fucking his ass with my middle finger. He pulls on his knees with more strength, helping expose more of his ass for easier finger-fucking. I start to suck his cock with more fury, holding it with my left hand and swallowing his ten-inch manhood down to my tonsils. My right hand pushes against his ass as my middle finger fucks him faster and harder.

"Oh, man, I think I'm gonna cum!" Kenny manages to let out. I sit up while he lays his legs down and starts pumping his cock with all of his might. I kneel up against him, this time my legs between him. I try to get my cock as close to his as possible and I began to pull on my fat dick hoping to cum all over his. I want to see my white jism all over his hot black body. His body begins to tremble uncontrollably.

"Uhhh!" Kenny lets out quietly as his cock shoots milky, thick, cum-juice onto my awaiting dick handle. I rub his cum all over my protruding cock. The smell of his pungent dick-milk and the feel of my hand rubbing his juices all over my cock and balls makes me shoot.

"Oh, Kenny!" I point my dick toward the side of the bed and squirt my load onto the floor. Kenny gets up and wipes his cum onto his robe and lies down on the floor. I get up off of the bed and open my closet door. I get my dirty shirt out and rub it against my cock, trying to wipe off any visible cum. I grab my cock and squeeze, hoping to release any remaining dick juices. I put my shorts and shirt back on and lay back onto my bed, facing the ceiling.

"Thanks for not cumming on me," Kenny says with appreciation. I blow out the candles and turn the TV off. Kenny and I go to sleep.

The next day we both act like nothing happened. I'm still waiting for us to get together again. Who knows--maybe you'll hear from me again.




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Any images, writings or other content on this website may be copied for personal viewing only.
They may not be: redistributed; sold; altered; enhanced; modified by artificial, digital or computer imaging;
used on another website or blog; posted to any internet or computer newsgroup, forum or media sharing site;
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