Jamaican Johnson

Art by Michael Kirwan

Story by Lance Rush




















Originally published in Inches magazine - January, 1999



Tourist Explores Afro-Caribbean Cock




I'd gone down to Jamaica alone, in hopes of finding hot, tropical action. On my second day, I boarded a tour bus and rode through scenic Montego Bay. Our guide's name was Cecil, a tantalizing piece of the tropics wearing only a pair of clean white Bermuda shorts. The brother was *all that*, from the wide sweep of his shoulders to his long strapping legs. He had perfect posture and a smooth shaved head that made his body look like a long hard dick. Cecil was a friendly chap with a warm, lilting accent and a big thunderous laugh. But, undoubtedly, his most arresting feature had to be his insanely long, visible bulge in his white shorts. The fucker was as obvious as a third leg! I soon became obsessed with thoughts of that meaty iguana. It occupied my every waking moment. Everywhere we went, there it was; shifting, slumbering, accessorizing his beefy thighs. That night I shot off three nut-busting loads, haunted by buck-naked fantasies of my guide.

The next day I saw Cecil on the beach, stretched out like a sun-burned colossus. I thought I'd show my appreciation by bringing him a drink. He accepted it graciously and invited me to sit and hang. I did, distracted by the hot vision of Cecil in his leopard bikini. The more I looked, the hotter it got. The big man wasn't even sporting wood, yet the size of his looping cock-meat was simply incredible.

"Ya been 'aving a good time, mon? Ya been to any fun places yet?" he asked.

Mesmerized by his dick, I said the first thing that came to my mind. "So where can a gay man get laid in this place?" I hoped this wouldn't shock him. But, fuck it! I was just too horny to care.

Cecil got quiet. Maybe he didn't hear me. But then, I peered down at his member. Shit! Right before my eyes, I witnessed a powerful swelling in his nylon bikini. That fucking leopard print was beginning to shift! Hell, I think I heard it *roar*! Right then and there, I wanted to grab it, feel its heat, unleash it into the cool air. But there were hundreds of people around.

"So. Ya like what ya see, mon?" he asked, in a low, sexy voice. "Why don'cha go to ya hotel room, an' shower up for me. Cecil be there in twenty minutes. Or as soon as I can walk on the beach without me gettin' arrested for indecent exposure!"

I left the beach in a rush and headed for my room. I showered, prepared myself and pulled down my sheets. I was naked when Cecil arrived, and he wasted little time getting the same way. He unzipped his shorts, reached deep inside and pulled his flopping member out. Shit! Cecil wasn't even hard, but this island god possessed the biggest, uncut schlong I'd ever seen in my fucking life, bar none! I was turned on and afraid of his jaw-breaking slab-o-meat. I wanted to measure the motherfucker, to take a photo of this one-of-a-kind dick. His rod was so freaking long, so obesely thick, it seemed to take its own sweet time, twitching and rising upward. I dropped to my knees and slowly ran my hot tongue along its smooth dark chocolate shaft, savoring its many inches. I wanted to eat it, gobble the motherfucker down to his dark, pubic afro.

The cum-heavy fucker slowly came to life! Gradually, its big, broad cap fought through its tight sheathed foreskin. The wide shaft and its many pulsing veins began to thicken. Hell! I just had to know ...

"How big is it, Cecil?" I asked.

"Be more than twelve inches, mon," he hissed as the large head of his willful erection punched my chin.

His smell was intoxicating. *Mmm!* A man could get drunk on the mixture of sand, salt and sweat! Peeling back all that dark skin made him shimmy in my hand. Oh, damn! This thing was tremendous! His long, black, flexible stick stretched like elastic in my grip. So much dick. I studied it like a horny student. Hot cocoa-brown, turning to a vivid ebony going down its base. He fed me cock, vigorously rode my hot tongue. A slide of his hips in the slowest undulation quickened my downward glide. Man! I licked and lacquered that lance in slick circles along his dick skin, and rode a throbbing vein down to its base. I paid very close attention to the head, lathering wet until it glistened in my spit. I traveled down, lapping the first six velvet inches. I jacked the lower half with two hands as my mouth assaulted the top. Mmmm! My lips *hurt*! His thick hood of foreskin slithered back and forth. My lips fell to his low, loose-hanging orbs, and I made a useless effort to suction them inside my jaw.

"*Oooooh*! That feels fucking *fantastic*!" he purred.

We tumbled to the floor and Cecil found my cock with his mouth. He braided his long tongue around my throbbing cock's skin and ... his slithering and rattling pulled my prick deep into his warm wet throat. He held it hostage, licking my swollen meat with cool, wet swirls. A touch of his teeth made my fiery cock drum near orgasmic beat. He mouth-fucked me with a long, throbbing cock so thick, so hard, it felt like a slab of lead on my tongue. I grabbed those dusky globes and kneaded them, roughly. His big, weighty sack slapped rhythmically against my chin. There was a vibration in his nuts that extended up his rutting shaft. I wanted it, every stupefying inch, every pulsing vibration to pump my rumbling ass. I stopped. His suction ceased.

"Think ya can handle it, mon?" he asked with a smile.

"I don't know. But I'm damn sure willing to try!" I replied.



He stuck two long fingers up my piping-hot asshole and decided I was deep enough. He slapped in more lube, sliding a generous glob inside and all around my puckered hole. Then he coated his own big threatening meat. We were standing. He liked fucking ass standing up. Something about the grip, he said. Me? I was too fucking dizzy to care which way he hit it, just so long as he did. Holding long, dark cock in both hands, he glided it in. I bent as he moved in. I ached for him. Then I felt it, that large crown probing me, piercing, breaking into my ass-flesh!

"Aw, fuck!" I groaned.

He massaged my cheeks around his huge stabbing pole, slowly, steadily going deeper. My straining anal walls flexed to fit the wicked measure of his obese fuck rod. I felt my whole body sizzle with heat, with mad pain! He wiggled, making me feel it all! And I felt it, damn it! Felt it throbbing deep down in my zone, doing much damage. Felt that motherfucker all up and through my pounding belly. Shit! I'd been fist-fucked with less pain than the ache of Cecil's prick lodged deep up my fuck-chute. I was ingesting over a foot of ass-battering Afro-Caribbean dick!

There was a violent grunt of unity between us. We fucked with hard, steady jabs. Precise, rhythmic stabs that split my ass in two. The forcible punch of that long black dick impaled me, drilling, filling me wider, deeper with hard and determined strokes. I was bent so low, my lips could almost catch my swinging prick. He molded his hard torso against my back, grinding that cock into me. I wanted to weep, to scream out loud from the pure painful ecstasy of it. Cecil fucked with a randy swirl, pulled halfway out and meted me with short lunges. He was giving me a little relief. But then--oh!--he set a feverish pace with his thick legs crashing, his big prick thrashing into me. This here was a man born to fuck!

"Mmm! Good stuff! Must got voodoo in ya bootie, mon," he sighed.

The motion of his dick slowed, swiveled and swerved in and out my bunghole. My ass never knew what to expect next. Wild! When he did it slow, oh! The brother was like butter in my zone. Getting his groove on, driving me home. Cracking out howls, then making me moan. He kept fucking, thrusting, bucking that cock deep in my ass ditch, and it made my swinging cock, rock and pitch. This was the fuck of a lifetime.

In an instant, he pulled out. Droplets of cock sap oozed from his cum-slit. With a quick tug of his tout rod, that big, horny motherfucker sputtered! Fuck cream shot forth in a warm and milky deluge. I could feel it all, rifling from his enormous prick-head in a fucking tropical hailstorm! Brother was a mad cum-shooter. It kept splashing my back and shoulders with eruption after eruption of sticky-wet heat! The pelt of it brought me back to reality. Oh! I'd just been fucked by what must've been the biggest dick on the island! My aching ass-lips felt permanently swollen, smarting from his assault.

I was still jacking my prick with a violent fist. But I didn't want to cum and end our hot time together.

Man! I just hoped he liked to be fucked. I needed to get off. His ass was a taut, golden-brown, irresistible bubble I'd kill to bust open. He grinned like he was reading my every lusting thought. Cecil turned and offered that firm, round, sweat-coated prize to me.

In a flash, my eight-inch bone was twitching, bobbing in anticipation. I peeped those humping, sweat-coated caramel globes, and sighed out loud at their beauty.

Instead of the bed, he fell to the heavily shagged floor, got down on all fours, ass wiggling, gyrating hotly for the dick. I got behind him, and bent down before his writhing black ass. I spit on my fingers and sent two digits inside his tight, steaming chute. Cecil mumbled something into the nap of the carpet, squeezed his bootie walls and enclosed my digits. Oh, yesss! This brother was so deep, and hot as a fucking furnace! After a wet finger-fuck, no other lubrication was needed. I held my burning cock in both hands, and popped my head inside his steaming ass-crack with one jolting stab. The tight pucker winced just a little as I inched through the taut-muscled tunnel. My cock's journey was slow, pulsing. His sweet, slickened cavern opened, and--oh!--the grip! Ass scent filled that warm Jamaican air. He moaned. I pulled back, and with one quick lunge, I was in deep. Inside his dark world, I felt my cock pulsing through constricting skin and bush and muscle.

"Ah! Yes, mon. That's it. Oh, yes! Give it to me! I want it all! Ah! Gimme that deek!" he demanded.

Without letting my dick go, he turned onto his back. His large dark hands fluttered along my driving body, exciting the fuck out of me! That snaking tumescent cock-meat tapped my naked belly with each descent. His eyes were wide open as he grunted. He threw those hot carved legs above my shoulders. Then, with a fantastically nasty grind, he danced my prick deeper inside him.

Each time I lunged, his ass kept lifting, falling and grounding into me. Brother was meeting my fuck, and lustfully throwing every hard, sweaty stroke back to me. Oh, shit! He was getting a serious swerve on my joint, milking me like a fucking goat!

"Fuck, yeah! Oh! Oh, yes! Damn you, Cecil. I'm gonna, gonna c-c-cum, baby!" I grunted.

Pulling out, my prick was already spitting off, busting off, shooting off a hail of white. Cum ripped through my dick-head, each thick wad splat against his dark, pounding chest.

Below, all I could see were his breathless bronze plates of muscle rising and falling.

"You--you're un-fucking-believable, Cecil!" I panted.

He just laughed out loud. His voice echoing like the roaring ocean outside the door.

We met once more, on a secluded beach, the night before I headed back to the States. As Cecil lay on his back, that long dark cock swung clear across one wide thigh, and the damn joint resembled a piece of driftwood. Yep. So much dick, so little time. We sucked each others' starlit cocks to a spit shine. I promised I'd return, and I meant it. But for old time's sake, just to give me something hard to forget, Cecil spread my hot ass, and fucked it good and deep by the light of a Jamaican moon.




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Any images, writings or other content on this website may be copied for personal viewing only.
They may not be: redistributed; sold; altered; enhanced; modified by artificial, digital or computer imaging;
used on another website or blog; posted to any internet or computer newsgroup, forum or media sharing site;
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