Me And Julio...




















 Story by Frank Decatur

 Art by Michael Kirwan


Originally published in Badpuppy magazine - March, 2003



Down By The Schoolyard... and my story ain't exactly like the lyrics in that old Simon and Garfunkel song.




My mom and dad split up just after I turned eighteen, but I hadn't graduated from High School yet, and since Ma couldn't afford to keep up the mortgage on our house on Long Island, we had to move in with my Grandma in the Bronx. Ma said she was worried that I wouldn't adjust too well, since I had never lived in the inner city where things were a lot rougher than the 'burbs of Long Island.


Man, I had never imagined, it would be as rough as it turned out.


The first day I am walkin' to school and there's this motley crew sitting on the High School steps ... smoking cigarettes and jokin' around and they all stared at me in my clean chinos and shiny black shoes and white polo shirt.


"Yo, man," says this Puerto Rican kid, puffing on what looks like a joint, "wha's up? Whut'cha doin' in the hood?"


"I'm going to school," I replied and then in an attempt to be friendly I stuck out my hand. "My name's Steve."


Julio (I soon learned his name) just stared at me like I was from Mars or something, and then he and his friends started laughing, real loud! The other two guys sitting with him were really dorky looking ... one a big fat kid with a shaved head who looked like a friggin' gorilla, and the other one this tall, lanky stupid looking jerk with big ears, a big nose and a chin like a shovel.


"Where the fuck you be from, dude?" Julio managed to say between bouts of laughing.


"I'm from Sayville," I shot back and then hurried past them and into the building as fast as I could. I sensed danger.


The classroom was a friggin' zoo! Everyone was talking and throwing papers and cussing and talking dirty. One fat chick in a black leather mini was saying, "I don't do crack, you motherfucker," and the other girl said, "Yo, you 'ho! You done crack las' night while Manalo was sticking his dick in yo crack!" and everyone laughed. I took a seat way in the back of the room. When the teacher got there, things stayed pretty much the same and the teach, this dorky guy with glasses just sat at his desk and read, ignoring the chaos.


A little while later the door opens and my nightmare becomes real ... in walks Julio and his freaky friends. He spots me and walk right back and takes the seat next to me.


"Yo, fancy boy!" he says to me, "meet me after school across from the school yard. My 'frens' and me gonna let you git into our gang."


"Okay," I muttered ... scared shitless.


After school I walked across the street and heard, "Hey, fancy boy, In here ..." I recognized Julio's voice and I stared into the alley and saw the silhouette of some figures there.


Holding my breath I walked into the alley, trying really hard not to let them smell the fear.


"So, Julio, what do you want?"


Suddenly, rough hands grabbed me and shoved me, face forward, against the brick wall.


"This be what I want!" Julio hissed, grabbing one of my ass cheeks. "I be gonna' initiating (ee-nish-ee-atin') you into the gang!" And with one motion he jerked my pants and shorts down under the cheeks of my ass. Then he roughly pulled my book bag off my shoulders and threw it down in the filthy alley next to a foul-smelling garbage can.


"What the fuck are you doing?" I croaked ... suddenly realizing that my dick was starting to get hard. I kinda knew what he was doing and to be honest, it was something I had fantasized about happening to me; well, not exactly this way ... it would be some big policeman or sailor who'd have his way with me ... not this hair-braided, rough-looking eighteen year old Puerto Rican who was more menacing than my fantasy seducers.


Then I felt it ... something warm and silky and as big as a Polish sausage, rubbing against my ass cheeks.


"I be gonna git me some-a that low-down stuff," Julio hissed and I heard him spit into his palm. "You be quiet! Hear? You be chillin', mothafucka!" he said as he rubbed the spit on the head of his dick, then he spit again and smeared the slick gob on my asshole.


"Aaaah," I moaned as the huge, plum-sized head of his dick pierced my virgin butthole. Surprisingly, about eight inches of his dick slid right into my ass like it belonged there, and instead of pain, I felt this huge rush of pleasure that made me feel like I was going to come. But, I moaned like it was a real ordeal.


Julio began jack-hammering my ass with his huge dick. (I hadn't even seen it but it felt like it went all the way up to my stomach.) I found myself bracing my hands against the wall and shoving my ass back on his dick to match his strokes. He grabbed my hair with one hand and slapped my ass with the other.


"You like that, muthafuckah! You like that big Rican dick up yo' ass, you sissy mothafuckah?" he hissed as he fucked me.


I said nothing, but I groaned to make him think I was in pain.


Suddenly he began pounding even harder and groaning ... "Oh, fuck ... oh fuck, oh, yo' ass is so hot! Oh, man, I'm gonna come. I'M GONNA CUM UP YO' MOTHAFUCKIN ASS!" he shouted, and I groaned as my cock suddenly began pulsating and I unloaded my own come against the brick wall. And then I felt a gush of hot liquid in my guts and felt the base of his cock throbbing as he leaned into me, his dick all the way up my ass and his sweat covered face next to mine. I felt like kissing him, but that would not have been cool. I knew he was up to being macho. He pulled his prick out of my ass, wiped it on the tail of my polo shirt and then pulled his pants up.


"Yo, man ... you ain't in the gang, but the gang be gittin' in you!" he laughed.


"Hey, Richie, come on in here," he said to one of his two freaky partners who had been guarding the entrance to the alley.


"C'mon," I whimpered, "not them too." I had already shot my load and I wasn't thrilled at the idea of being fucked again.


"Yeah, them too!" Julio growled, "and you better be givin' up the pussy fo them or else. Come here, Richie ... You gets sloppy seconds."


So, first Richie, the big fat bald slob with a short but fat cock the size of a beer can, got his dick up my ass, and after about ten strokes, he whimpered as his dick discharged its load up my butt, and he pulled out and scurried back out of the alley.


Next was Maurice, the tall skinny freak, whose dick kept getting soft and plopping out of my cum-filled hole. He kept mumbling, "Gonna fuck the pussy, gonna fuck the pussy, gonna fuck that pussy," but he wasn't doing too hot. I figured he had an IQ of about 50. I wanted to turn around and smack him and tell him to get that dumb fucking dick up the ass or get the fuck away from me. He finally managed to stuff his big, fat dick up there and fuck me for about ten minutes, with his dick getting harder and fatter and longer until I was spreading my legs to try to accommodate his now huge prick which felt really good.


He began moaning and groaning and pounding my ass so hard my face was hitting the wall before he added his load to the jizz already leaking down my legs and puddling in my once-clean Tommy Hilfigers.


After he had shot his wad and his big snake had slithered out of my ravaged hole, he pulled up his pants and scurried away.


I was pulling my jizz-soaked shorts up when Julio came back into the alley.


"You ain't tellin' right? You chillin?"


"Right," I mumbled, pulling up my pants.


"I liked yo' ass," he whispered. "I think you like my dick. Come on over to my pad tomorrow."


"Okay," I whispered back.


"I be meeting you here after school," Julio whispered and then he hugged me and nibbled my ear with his teeth, which surprised the shit out of me. And he and the motley crew ambled down the street, laughing and giving each other high-fives and I walked the other way home, smiling to myself, the cum running down my legs.



So, the next day after school, Julio met me and took me to his apartment. Turns out, he's living with this big, fat Mexican guy named Juan, and Juan, I later learned, lets Julio stay there rent-free if he brings guys home and has them suck Julio off while Juan stuffs his face with junk food and jerks off in the corner while he watches. Sometimes Juan ambles over and eats Julio's ass while he's fucking me which drives Julio fucking wild. The only problem with that is that Julio comes too soon ... I want that dick up my ass as long as possible. It's kinda freaky, but what the fuck, right? Julio and the gang are my protectors, which is something you definitely need in this weird, rough friggin hood.


I have to confess, I love sucking Julio's big, brown meat and it's actually exciting to have Juan watching me do it. It's also okay when Julio and Richie take their turns fucking me which they now do at Juan's pad once in awhile.


My mom says I have adjusted real well to the 'hood, and Grandma says I look real happy.


If they only knew what brings the smile to my face as I think about the next time I'm gonna get my butthole full of gang-splooge. What's even more exciting is that Julio has taken to eating my ass. He gets my knees up to my ears and eats that butthole like he was sucking on a mango and it feels so good when he gets his tongue up there and licks and spits and sucks until I feel like my hole has become a total pussy ... a hot and ready pussy for Julio's monster fuck stick.


Julio is still pretending to be straight and calls me "fag," which is cool. Just as long as he keeps fucking me.



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Any images, writings or other content on this website may be copied for personal viewing only.
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