Barrio Boys Outing


















  Art by Michael Kirwan  

 Fiction by Frank Decatur  

Originally published in Allboy magazine - December-January, 2005-2006



On an innocent outing to the beach,

one Barrio Boy finds out about gay sex, and cash.  



I'd been moping around the house ever since my girlfriend Elena left on vacation with her family. I had no car, no job, nothing but the bitter tears of my thwarted love to pass the time until her return. Every time I tried talking to my mother about the constant, unbearable ache in my heart, she would roll her eyes and sigh, dismissing my frustrated passion as just so much eighteen-year-old horseshit. She didn't understand about true love. No one could even imagine the depth of my sorrow and anguish, the unrelenting pain that I suffered because of the separation from my heart. "Elena," I cried softly to myself. "Elena, my angel."


"Get out," my mother commanded. "Sal de aqui!! Go someplace. Do something. I have to vacuum and I don't need to see your melodramatic broken-heart act while I'm trying to limpio la casa. You've been hanging around like a bad odor for weeks now. Out, out, out!" she insisted as she retrieved the coffee cup from my hand and shoved me into the front yard.


My next-door neighbor, Paco, was in his driveway smoking a cigarette. He looked at me sympathetically. He wasn't a friend or anything, but he was generally cordial. Paco was a (to put it kindly) horse-faced guy in his late twenties who lived alone and worked somewhere in town. My mother always said that she was sure God had given him some hidden gifts since he was surely short-changed in the "looks" department.


He said that he was going to the beach in San Remo and I could tag along with him if I wanted. Obviously he had heard my mother yelling at me. I went into the house and got my bathing suit and stuff before asking my mother if it was okay for me to go.


"Vas a la luna (go to the moon) for all I care," She informed me from the couch where she sat staring balefully at her novellas on the television, the vacuum cleaner nowhere in sight.


On the two-hour drive to our destination I talked mostly about Elena and our magnificent romance, the wonderful and torturous adventure that spanned the course of our thirteen-month-long love affair. Gradually it occurred to me that somebody with a face like Paco's would probably never experience the rapture and thrall of true love, so I asked him why he wanted to go up to the resort town of San Remo when we had a beach that was only a twenty-minute drive from our crummy barrio. Paco snickered and told me that he liked to enjoy himself as far from the locals as his gas tank would allow. I just shrugged, not understanding what he meant.


The weather was perfect as we spread out his blanket and unpacked the essential beach items. He complimented my Hawaiian print swimwear and I looked at his black suit with some side stripes to find something nice to say in return but the only thing I noticed was that his basket was enormous. I just shut up and gawked at the size of his shit. This must've been the "hidden gift" to which my mother had alluded.


We'd been there some time, just dozing and looking at the surf before somebody set up in our immediate vicinity. It was two guys and it didn't take a genius to figure out that they were gay. I nudged Paco and pointed out that a couple of fags had taken up residence near us, figuring he might have a nasty remark to make. He glanced over and to my surprise began chatting amiably with them. He even suggested that they move closer and introduced me. I was appalled. The bald one with the plucked, shaped eyebrows brazenly gaped at Paco's nylon-clad sausage, and to my shock my neighbor squeezed and tugged at his dick until it got so long that his bush was exposed as the fabric stretched further down his lengthening shaft. The bald one offered to give Paco a tour of the dilapidated hotel about fifty yards away. I was really upset when they wandered off together and I was stuck with the curly-haired one who kept batting his long lashes and obviously flirting. After squirming in his company for fifteen minutes I suggested we locate the other two. I wanted to go home.


In a small, boarded-up courtyard we found our companions.


Paco was getting his dick sucked.


I was embarrassed and somewhat appalled, as anyone would be. My companion, Ramone, moved closer to the action, perching on a bricked-up window to get a better view. I didn't want to stand there alone so I joined him, hoping that our presence might hurry the guys along.


I found myself mesmerized by the sight of Paco's horse-sized (I guess to match his face) cock getting slobbered over. I was revolted but intrigued as the saliva-coated, vein-latticed snake kept vanishing in the cock-sucker's mouth. My queer companion took it upon himself to free my (surprisingly) erect cock from the confines of my trunks and start to jerk me off.


I was too stunned by the entire turn of events to protest. Paco bleated like a ram in heat as he unloaded his cum down the bald queen's throat; the cock-sucker deposited gobs of sperm on the sand at the same time I shot my load and I felt a gooey warm wetness splash my back as "Curly-Top" moaned like a girl in my ear and shot his load.


Feeling confused, violated but intrigued, I went along with Paco to the apartment of these two guys to shower and have a few drinks. Their apartment was decorated to the nines with paintings, lots of fabric, ceramics, artificial flowers ... a big poster of Ricky Martin ... You get the picture . The three of them sat around naked, slurping sangria as their bathing suits hung on the line outside the window. Naturally I had a towel around my waist.


I kept waiting for a chance to tell Paco how desperately I wanted to leave, but the twits kept filling our glasses and bringing cheese and crackers and dips, and before I knew it the bald one was stretched out on the daybed and Paco was working his mammoth tool into the guy's ass. I sat there and watched my neighbor drilling this mariposa and couldn't understand why I was getting so fucking horny. The curly-haired dude started making out with me (technically, I wasn't cheating on Elena) before he lay back on the couch applying spit to his asshole and a tube of lube to my cock. As my dick pushed into the tight, clenching orifice I heard Paco's "I'm cumming" bellow from across the room.


He told his freshly fucked friend that he was going to take another shower and staggered from the room. As good as it felt to have my prick sliding around inside this other guy's slippery hole, I was very aware of his hard dick pressed up against my stomach. "What could be more deviant than this?" I asked myself.


"Baldy" positioned himself behind me, spread my thrusting buttocks wide open and started licking, tonguing and sucking on my jack-hammering asshole. He was persistent, sticking out his tongue so on the back-swing he'd get a lick at my butthole. No one had ever touched me back there, and it was weird and mind-boggling at the same time. How could you stick your tongue in another guy's ass? I pounded my partners gaping, grasping hole even more furiously as he moaned and muttered "Papi, papi, fuck me, fuck me!"


Paco came back into the room and stood near my shoulder toying with his gigantic meat-log, sliding the thick foreskin up and down, revealing the glistening apple-sized helmet. "Curly-Top" stopped licking my chest and turned his head to suck on the monster meat. Paco's hardening cock was inches from my face as it was being serviced, I was plowing fiercely into another guy's butthole while my own virgin sphincter was being stretched and mauled by a man's mouth. I can't believe how wonderful it felt. When Paco pulled his dick from the eager sucker's lips, I thought he was ready to shoot more cream; but instead he redirected it toward my mouth and cradled the back of my head with his hand, urging my face forward. Hey, I'm not this guy. This isn't who I am, I am thinking. This was crossing into real homo territory ... Only gays suck dick. His slickened knob breached my lips and then my teeth and then made itself at home on my tongue before exploring the throat beyond. I mumbled in protest but it's hard to say no with an apple-sized dick-head at the back of your throat. He adjusted himself and straddled the head of the guy I was fucking so he could eat his ass while he fed me his cock. I was fucking insane with lust. I felt totally lust-crazed like a fuck-simple dog when the bald guy jammed his dick deep into my asshole.


I thought I was given a manly reprieve when Paco dislodged his monster from my mouth without icing my tonsils. Then Paco announced that he'd been dreaming of this (what?) for years. Then he forced his prick into my battered butt.


I moaned. Paco filled my entire being with his cock. I sluiced into "Curly-Top" and just lay there gasping and panting as Paco speared my insides for another twenty minutes. Eventually, he began moaning and I was urging him forward. "Fuck me--fuck me with that monster dick, you motherfucking bastard!" I yelled as he unloaded a fiery gusher of jizz deep into my bowels. I came at the same time, creaming the chute of my equally exhausted partner.


As we were leaving, Curley-Top pressed a wad of bills into my fist and I realized then that he thought I was "gay for pay." But Paco told me later that these two guys always insisted on paying for sex. He'd been with them before. It was their "thing."


On the way home, after a long silent spell, I began tentatively broaching the topic of Elena, hoping that we'd both pretend that all of that queer shit had never happened.


He rolled his eyes exactly as my mother did all the time and said, "By all means, tell me more about your everlasting love, but would you mind not rubbing my dick while you do? That way I won't drive into a tree or off a fucking cliff on our way home."




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Any images, writings or other content on this website may be copied for personal viewing only.
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