Horsin' Around


   Art by Michael Kirwan  

 Fiction by Frank Decatur 


Originally published in Allboy magazine - August/September, 2006



George was the butt of the other guys' teasing, until he showed them what he was packin'




Horsing around, the boys in George's senior class were playing grab-ass on the front lawn of the school. They were wrestling, getting each other in headlocks, rolling around in the grass and rollicking like young colts, enjoying the last day of school. All that was left was graduation and then they'd be free!

George approached the pile of young men, apprehensive as usual because he knew he'd probably be the object of some kind of teasing or hazing. But he was used to being the butt of their pranks, and still he couldn't resist hanging around with the jocks. He was especially mesmerized by tall, muscular, white-blond haired Josh, who was the natural leader of the other boys and totally gorgeous.

George didn't know why he was so intrigued with Josh, but he tacitly accepted the fact that he found the guy irresistible. But what the hell, all of the other guys hung around Josh. He was a natural leader.

Sure enough, as George approached the other guys, Timmy spotted him. Timmy was one of those dark-Irish types, more mature-looking than his eighteen years, with black hair, blue eyes. hairy chest, arms and legs.

"Hey, it's Georgie," he shouted, climbing from the pile of bodies. "What's up, Georgie-boy? Wanna pile on here and have some fun?"

"Naw, I'm going home," George replied.

"Aw, come on!" Josh piped in. "We're going to get us some beer and go down to the 'res' for awhile," referring to the big reservoir outside of town, a favorite recreational spot for the locals and a make-out spot for the always horny guys who parked their cars along the banks of the big, expansive lake, trying in their fumbling fashion to get a hand full of titty, or maybe even a panting rub-off against their girl's crotch.

"Naw, I have to get home. My folks are away and I have to make sure my little brother is watched," George replied. "My older brother is away at college, so I have to baby-sit."

One of the other boys, Ali, who was dark and smaller than the others piped in. "Hey, guys, why don't we go to George's house and party?" His folks ain't home, and it would beat drinkin' beer in the hot sun. I'm tired of the 'res.'"

George hesitated. On one hand he might catch hell if the guys messed up the house, but on the other hand, he'd always dreamed of getting all of these guys drunk and then ... well, he wasn't sure what would happen.

"Yeah, you can do that," George replied. And soon the four guys were all piling into Josh's car.

When they arrived at George's family's house, an old two-story, Victorian pile which had once been the home of George's grandmother, they invaded the kitchen and immediately began looking for booze.

George knew where his dad kept his vodka stash, so he extracted it from beneath the kitchen sink and soon the guys were mixing themselves cocktails, some with Coke, orange juice, Sprite, whatever they could find. Then he sent his little brother to the neighbors to play, which the kid was thrilled to do.

Soon the boys were all lolling around in the living room, becoming increasingly sloshed from the vodka, and loudly celebrating their impending graduation, fantasizing about what they'd do on graduation night with their girlfriends.

"Man, I'm gonna get me some pussy from that Gloria Stewart," Josh slurred. "She's given me blue balls one time too often. She'd better give it up or else," he pulled on the crotch of his jeans and George, sitting opposite him, stared at the obvious bulge in Josh's pants.

"Me, too," Timmy said, rubbing himself. "I'm gonna pork old Myrna at last. She gave me head once, but that's all I've gotten from her."

"I've fucked Lorene a lot of times," Ali boasted, "but only in the backseat of my car. This time we're going to a hotel. She promised, if I'd take her to the prom."

"What about you, Georgie?" Josh asked. "You gonna get some pussy on graduation night?"

"I don't know," he replied, blushing.

"Bet you've never had a piece, have you?" Josh teased. "Bet you've never porked a girl. Maybe you're just not interested. Maybe you don't even have a dick big enough to fuck a woman," and with that he reached over and playfully grabbed George's crotch.

"Cut it out!" George murmured, not really meaning it as he felt his dick immediately beginning to get hard. Any attention from Josh was welcome.

"Hey, guys, Georgie's getting' wood!" Josh laughed. "Hey, show us what you've got!"

"Fuck you," George muttered.

"Bet you can't measure up to this!" Josh slurred, almost falling as he stood up, unzipped his fly and scooped out his dick, a big, semi-hard flab of flesh that was totally impressive in its almost-flaccid state."

"Or this!" Timmy giggled, struggling to pull his cock out of his pants while he lolled back on the sofa.

George was stunned. He just sat there and the boys made no move to put their cocks away, instead Josh began slowly pulling on his cock, causing it to immediately grow harder and fatter.

"Shit, man, mine's bigger than both of yours," Eli laughed and stood up, staggered a bit, and then pulled his pants down over his narrow hips to reveal a nine-inch cock, long and circumcised, that sprang to attention.

"Come on, George, show us your wee-wee!" Josh said, waving his cock almost in George's face.

"Okay," George muttered, and he unzipped his fly and pulled out his cock.

"Holy fuck!" Timmy muttered. "Where the fuck did a little squirt like you get a dick that big?"

The other boys stared as George sat there, holding his big, fat, erect eleven inches with his fist.

"Man, I have really underestimated you," Josh said.

"Does it get even bigger than that?"

"You wanna find out? Jerk on it a little," George growled. "Come on, big shot. You started this shit."

Josh walked over to George, grabbed his big cock and began jerking on it. "Man, my fist doesn't even go all the way around it! " he said, staring at the big meat he was holding.

"Better stop, Josh, or I'll shoot a load on you," George said.

"Let's see who can shoot the farthest!" Ali piped in. "Come on, guys, let's have a circle jerk!"

The two guys stood up and they were all standing in a circle, all jacking their dicks and staring at each other's cocks.

"Ever suck on a dick?" George asked, looking at Josh. "Are you gay?"

"Are you?" Josh shot back. "I think you are."

"Naw, I guess you could say I'm 'gay-curious.' Or I'm just fuckin' horny. I just want to get my dick sucked ... C'mon Josh, give it a shot, please!" He said and moved his monster cock toward Josh's mouth.

Josh said. "Fuck you. Besides, I don't think I could get that monster in my mouth."

"Try!" George pleaded.

"Okay, what the fuck ..." Josh dropped to his knees in front of George, licked his lips and then opened his mouth wide and took the apple-sized head in his mouth.

George groaned and put his hands on each side of Josh's head, forcing more of his meat into the open mouth.

Josh gamely opened wider and took another six inches until the monster was touching his tonsils. Then he pulled away and a string of saliva hung from his lips to the tip of the pink cock head. Josh began licking up and down on George's cock. He looked around and saw that everyone was getting busy with everyone else. Ali was on his knees in front of the sofa, gamely trying to get Timmy's dick down his throat, and Timmy was reaching over, trying to reach Josh's ass.

"Let me fuck you," George said, pulling his prick away from Josh's eager mouth.

"No fuckin' way," Josh growled. "Ain't nobody gettin' into my hole."

"You can fuck me," Ali smiled, looking eagerly at George.

"Cool," George replied and Ali climbed up onto the sofa, still working on Timmy's cock, and stuck his plump young ass into the air. George moved around behind him, spread his cheeks and dove, tongue first into the dark crevasse.

"Oh, fuck, man, that feels good!" Ali groaned. "Lube me up. Yeah, eat it. Eat my hole. Stick your finger in my ass ... Yeah, like that. Ohhh, fuck me. Come on, I want to feel you dick in my ass!"

George obliged. He had gotten two split-slick fingers up Ali's hole and had it well-lubed. He aimed his big dick, pushed against the tight sphincter and Ali squealed as the dick breached the tight ass ring and buried itself up his ass.

Ali continued to suck on Timmy's cock and Josh had moved into position so that Timmy could suck him. As Timmy did his best to swallow Josh's sizeable cock, he began fingering Josh's hole. Josh half-heartedly reached back to push his hand away, but then reneged and let Timmy finger his hole with a wet finger.

Josh was moaning from the crazy sensation of a finger up his ass and a mouth wrapped around his cock.

"What the fuck," he murmured, "try to fuck me."

Pulling his dick out of Ali's mouth he straddled Timmy and positioned his ass over the wet cock. Slowly he sat on Timmy's cock as Timmy held his meat with one hand and guided it into Josh's tight hole.

"Oh, fuck!" Josh murmured as more cock penetrated his virgin hole. "That feels gooooood. Yeah, fuck me. FUCK ME! FUUUCK MEEEE!"

Meanwhile, George was plundering Ali's young ass.

"Wait a sec ..."

"Ohhhh, Jeezus, I'm gonna cum!" George moaned.

Ali pushed him away and George's cock slipped out of his hole as Ali slid down and took George's cock in his mouth just as George let loose with a blast of man-juice, a copious load that filled Ali's mouth and more, running down his chin as he brazenly took gusher after gusher of George's cum into his mouth, swallowing as much as he could.

Josh moaned and whimpered. "I'm gonna cum," and George climbed over Ali and went down on Josh's cock just in time to catch the first blast of cum. Timmy gasped and let go with a molten blast up Josh's ass.

Ali let George's dick slip from between his lips as he began to reach his climax.

"Take my load," he whimpered and Timmy moved his face into position just in time to slurp up part of the geyser shooting out of Ali's dick in every direction as he frenziedly continued to beat his meat.

The boys all collapsed in a heap, spent.

After awhile, Josh got up and went to the bathroom as the other guys lay silently, musing over what was going to happen next.

Josh came out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist. "Well, dudes," he smiled. "Now what are we gonna do?

"Whaddya mean?" George responded. "We can keep quiet about this, and we'll just keep on doin' it, as far as I'm concerned."

"Yeah, I agree," Timmy said. "I think this is a helluva lot easier than tryin' to get pussy."

"And more fun," Ali joined in.

"It don't mean I'm queer," Josh murmured.

"Me neither," George responded.

"I'm not gay," Ali said. "I guess I'm just 'gay-curious,'" and the other boys laughed.

Just then the door to the den opened and there stood George's older brother, Ted. He was naked except for an open shirt and he was sporting the biggest, hardest dick any of them had yet seen.

"Okay, boys, I've been watching you ... you fuckin' horn dogs! Now it's my turn. Any of you guys who don't want to get fucked had better leave now, 'cause I'm gonna take turns fucking every one of you! Well, I ain't fuckin' my brother, but the rest of you had better leave now or get ready."

Nobody moved.

Ali stuck his ass in the air.

"Me first," he smiled.




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Any images, writings or other content on this website may be copied for personal viewing only.
They may not be: redistributed; sold; altered; enhanced; modified by artificial, digital or computer imaging;
used on another website or blog; posted to any internet or computer newsgroup, forum or media sharing site;
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