Art by Michael Kirwan 

Fiction by Frank Decatur  

Originally published in Badpuppy magazine #10 - July, 2004



He looked like a typical gay-for-pay dude,

but sometimes looks are deceiving.




I was coming out of the 7-Eleven with a six-pack and some chips when I see this kid sitting over by the trash can, arms across his knees, baseball cap turned backward, worn sneakers and two big holes in the knees of his jeans.

My heart skipped a beat.

Yeah, call me crazy, but those are the kind of guys I like. This guy was obviously Latin, obviously not gainfully employed, and he looked like trouble ... if you didn't know how to handle him. He was also hot as hell. He had black, curly hair, a really handsome face, and I could tell through the flimsy T-shirt he was wearing, the muscular legs and the crotch that he was built.

He fit the perfect description of "rough trade," which, in case you don't know, means a guy who is straight, or thinks he's straight, but if you play your cards right, he might let you blow him. Of course, you never know in these situations what the outcome is going to be, but that's what makes it so exciting. He might steal your watch, or your wallet, or anything else that is sitting around loose, or he might just kick your ass for the fun of it.

I've been lucky. Yeah, I've been ripped off a few times but I've never been beat up or anything, which is probably why I still find these kinds of hot, steamy, mean looking guys irresistible.

So, I walked over to him.


"Yo, man, whassup?"

"Wanna beer?" I offered.

"Hey, thanks man. I'm waitin' for this guy who owes me twenty bucks to come and fuckin' pay me. He wuz supposed to be here an hour ago. Mothafucka probably ripped me off."

"Yeah, it don't pay to trust some people," I replied as he popped the top off the can of Bud Light and took a long, sucking slurp and then he wiped his mouth with the tail of his T-shirt, lifting it up so I got a good view of his perfect six-pack, which was a lot more exciting than the one I was holding in my hand.

"So, how much longer you gonna wait?" I asked, trying to sound casual.

"I'm about to fuckin' give up. I'll run into him tonight in the 'hood, I'm sure. Then I'm gonna kick me some ass. Shit!" He got up and dusted off the ass of his jeans and I glommed his crotch, which looked like it was packin' some major meat.

"I need to get me some food, man. I don't got nothin' in my pad."

"Hey, I got plenty of food in mine. You wanna come over and I'll give you something to eat and you can take some stuff home if you want ... you know, to tide you over."

"Thanks man, I really 'preciate it. Name's Luis." He holds out a big, meaty hand and we touch knuckles.

I'm pretty buff and muscular myself so maybe that's another reason I don't worry too much about getting the shit kicked out of me ... and I don't get ripped off that often. I knew this guy who kept a bunch of ten-dollar watches and radios around in plain sight and when he'd bring trade home, they'd rip off a watch or a radio and he'd laugh about it afterward. He kept the good things ... like his Rolex and his Bose radio locked in the closet.

So, we're back at my pad, and I've got Luis on the couch eatin' a ham and cheese sandwich and a beer, and I'm in the bedroom looking for a good porn DVD to slip into the player. I find *Bi Bi Baby* and come out and ask him if he wants to watch some porn.

"Yeah, that's cool," he mouths through a bite of sandwich, so I put on the porn and sit down on the other end of the couch. Don't want to crowd the dude right away.

He watches the video while he eats the sandwich and after a big, beer burp, he puts the plate down on the coffee table and leans back on the couch.

"Man, that's some fuckin' action!" he says. "Two dudes and one dame ... I've always wished I could be in that situation." And he rubs his crotch with one hand, and I follow the action and see that the bulge in his jeans has grown to the size of a large cereal bowl. Man, I want to see what all that stuff is.

"Only problem with that," I say, rubbing my crotch, "is that sometimes the guy wants some action with the other guy, too."

"Yeah, that's cool," he mutters and stares at the television screen, mesmerized. And his hand continues to rub lightly over his crotch. I pretend I'm as fascinated as he is but keep sneaking looks over at him, hoping he'll make some move, like open his fly.

At this point in the video, the two guys are naked and they are taking turns eating the girl's pussy, and then one of the guys reaches over and takes hold of the other guy's dick and starts jackin' him.

"Man, this is fuckin' hot," Luis mutters and starts opening the top of his jeans and shoves his hand down inside and then he slides the zipper down and starts working his cock under his shorts. I'm doing likewise but I don't want to move too fast and spook him.

"Ya mind?" he asks and shoves his jeans and shorts down to his knees.

"Naw," I croak as his huge, brown, swollen piece of pinga springs into view, with the moist cock-head peeking out of copious folds of foreskin. Luis doesn't look my way, but starts slowly working his fist up and down on his dick and I see a drop of clear liquid ooze from the piss-slit.

I push my pants down, too and start jacking my sizeable cock, pretending to be totally immersed in watching the video.

"Nice piece you got there, man," Luis mutters, and I turn and he's looking at my cock while he's jerking himself and I see him lick his lips.

"Want we should help each other out?" he says, grinning at me.

"Yeah, why not?" I say and he climbs over to me as I lie down on the couch and he takes both of our cocks in his hand and starts jerking us off together.

I can feel his warm, hairy nuts pressed against mine and feel the heat of his asshole against my thighs as he stares at me and keeps sliding his fist up and down on our dicks.

"Do ya suck?" he asks, looking into my eyes.

"Sometimes," I say, "but you first."

"I dunno. I don't do that ...," he says as he keeps jerking, but he's looking down at my dick, and then he leans down and gives my cock-head a swipe of his tongue, licking up the drop of pre-cum. He leans down again and engulfs the head of my cock in his hot mouth as I groan in appreciation.

Now he's jacking his own dick and sucking on mine and trying to get all the way down on my ten-incher without much success.

"Get on the floor," I say, "and let's do some sixty-nine."

He slides down onto the floor and we go mouth to dick with each other and I take his brown monster into my mouth and grab his hairy ass-cheeks and pull him to me as his dick slips all the way down my throat. Luckily, I don't have a gag reflex, so I can take a pretty big dick without gagging. His was huge!

This makes him gasp and he goes to work even more diligently on my cock, but I have to confess I'm the better cock-sucker.

"You fuck?" he asks, taking his mouth off my cock.

"Yeah," I answer.

He goes down even further, pulls my legs up and starts licking my ass, spitting into my hole and then with one hand, working a finger into my tight hole and wiggling it around. I try to relax as he tries two fingers, then three, and I'm wiggling and sucking even harder on his cock, and he's moaning and fingering my ass and face-fucking me, and I'm afraid he's gonna nut before he gets his cock up my ass.

He stops and slaps me on one cheek and says, "Turn over."

I do, and he lifts me up to my hands and knees and gets behind me and starts sliding his cock up and down the now-slippery crack of my ass.

"You got a rubber?"

"In that drawer over there."

He rips the packet open, I hear him snapping the condom a couple of times and then he works the Magnum-size rubber down onto his cock. Then he gives me another round of ass-eating until I'm wet and sloppy and my ass feels like a gaping pussy, and then he proceeds to work the head of his monster against my pucker-hole until I gasp as it slips past the tight anal ring, and he doesn't stop until he has slid about ten inches of dick all the way up my ass until I can almost taste rubber.

Then, like all good Latinos, he starts working that fuck-stick around inside of me, plunging and then pulling out and then plunging in and rotating his dick inside of me and I'm getting so fuckin' hot I think I'm gonna explode right there. He reaches under me and starts jerking me off while he hits a steady rhythm up my ass and by now sweat is dripping off me and off him as it hits my back.

"Oh, man, that is some good fuckin' pussy!" he groans.

And I mutter, "Fuck me, man; fuck that man-pussy hole. Come on, give it to me ... Shoot your fuckin' load up my ass! Fuck me, you bastard!"

He goes faster and faster, and then with one movement he pulls his dick out of me, crawls in front of me and lets go with a load of white cum right into my open mouth. He shoots again and again, and I catch most of his jizz in my mouth, and the rest falls onto the blue carpet, and when he's finished, he grabs my head in his hands and wraps his mouth over mine and sucks his own cum out of my mouth.

"Mothafucka, you are one hot dude," he says, wiping his dick off on my T-shirt.

"So are you man. So, you're gay, I assume ... or are you bi?"

"Fuck, man, I'm gay all the way," he grins. "I play that rough trade shit all the time, and it works like a charm. Hope you're not too disappointed, but I'm a student at the University, studying acting. How'd I do?"

"You did just fine," I grinned. "Any time you want to work on your 'rough trade' act, come on over."

"How about tomorrow?" he grins and kisses me.

So, the next day he came over and, guess what? This time I fucked him. Man, it was so hot fucking that tight, hairy ass and having him whimpering and biting his arm as I jack-hammered his ass with all I had.

I don't really mind that he's not who I thought he was, 'cause he's really as butch as hell and acts so straight (when his ass isn't up in the air or his lips wrapped around my cock) that I still can't believe he isn't going to try to rip me off.




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Any images, writings or other content on this website may be copied for personal viewing only.
They may not be: redistributed; sold; altered; enhanced; modified by artificial, digital or computer imaging;
used on another website or blog; posted to any internet or computer newsgroup, forum or media sharing site;
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