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 Art Michael Kirwan

 Story by William Cozad





Originally published in Honcho magazine - September, 1997


Sailor's buddy gets an eyeful

My college fuck-buddy Frank had called a few days earlier to let me know he'd be in town. After a night of bar hopping, I drove Frank back to his ship. He'd dropped out of college and joined the Merchant Marines, just like his dad. Don't ask, don't tell.

Parking near the waterfront pier, I looked at the *Rio Orro*. It looked like a picture postcard of a ship moored in the moonlight, even though Frank complained that it was an old rust bucket that should be scrapped for razor blades.

Frank insisted that I come aboard the ship, and hang out. I accompanied him past the security gate where he flashed his Coast Guard ID at the guard. I guess he assumed that I was just another crew member. I'd never been aboard a ship in my life. I climbed up the gangplank behind Frank and followed him below the deck and through a passageway to his cabin. The engines hummed below us and the ship seemed to sway.

Frank unlocked the cabin door which had a sign on it that said *FWT-Oiler, 4 to 8*. He'd explained to me earlier that he was a fireman-water tender on the 4 to 8 watch and shared his quarters with another young oiler.

Inside the small cabin I looked around. There was a metal desk with two chairs and bunk beds against a porthole.

Frank got his stashed bottle of whiskey out of a drawer. He told me that the captain was so drunk when they docked the ship that it scraped along the wooden pier. He said drinking was a sacred tradition among sailors.

He gulped the whiskey and passed me the bottle. I took a swig.

"I gotta lay down and sleep, or I'm gonna pass out standing up," he said.

"I should be going." I didn't really want to hang around while he slept. Plus, I wasn't supposed to be there in the first place.

"Don't go yet. I just gotta catch a few winks. The ship don't sail 'til 0600." Frank staggered over to the lower bunk and sprawled out. I heard him snoring. I took another slug of whiskey.

Suddenly I was startled by the key in the door lock. The door opened. There stood a short, twentyish guy with buzz-cut brown hair and big brown eyes.

"You must be Frank's friend Bill. He talks a lot about you. I'm Sammy, his watch partner."

I shook his hand.

"Want a drink?" I offered.

"Hell, yes. I just had some beer."

He took a gulp of whiskey from the bottle.

"This is real firewater. Holy shit!"

"Well, I'd better be going." Now I felt in the way, and a little nervous.

"Nah, hang out. Frank will come around. I'm gonna grab a shower and hit the sack. He'll be fresh as a daisy; he's used to sea watches."

The oiler went into the shower compartment. I took another slug of whiskey. I was feeling high and horny. Sammy was a looker; Frank didn't exaggerate. But I figured the oiler was a hundred percent straight, he looked so macho.

The metal door of the shower compartment swung open and there stood Sammy with a towel cinched around his waist. His body was covered in brown fuzz like a bear cub's. He had a little belly on him, probably a beer gut, but that made him look real sexy to me. Water glistened off the hair on his body.

Seeing him wet and wearing just a towel made my cock stir. I nervously licked my lips.

He sauntered over to me, uncinched the towel and let it fall onto the deck. There he stood in all his naked hairy glory. His dick was semi-hard, with a rosy mushroom head and veiny shaft. I couldn't believe it was happening until it dawned on me that Frank must have said something about me to Sammy.

He gripped his cock and stroked it, a fat nine-inch fucker at full mast. He slapped me in the face with his dick.

"Want this, don't-cha? Frank told me you was a homo."

Like Frank wasn't! We'd tricked a couple times but became real good friends in college.

"Oh, yeah, that's a pretty dick, Sammy. Pump it."

I was glad he knew the score, and I was happy to give this drunk sailor stud some action. He masturbated in my face. I was hypnotized by his big hard dick.

Sticking out my tongue, I lapped at his big hairy balls.






















"Yeah, suck my nuts."

I managed to stuff both of those cum-filled hangers into my mouth. I hummed on them and spit them out. He held his dick by the shaft and rubbed it all over my face, smearing sweet goo all over my lips.

I shoved his hand away and grabbed hold of the base. I darted my tongue into his wide piss-slit. I swabbed the bloated rosy crown, which turned deep purple.

"Suck it, cock-sucker. Suck my big sailor dick."

He pushed the crown between my lips and shoved the shaft down my throat. Rocking on his heels, he pumped his dick down my throat. I took it in smoothly, like a pro.

"Oh, yeah, you give good head, college punk. Done this before, I can tell. Feels so fucking good. Glad I didn't have money to pick up a whore tonight. I got lots of cum in my nuts. Ain't jacked off in a week."

His dirty sex confession made my balls rumble. I ripped open the fly of my jeans and freed my raging prick.

Wrapping my hand around my cock, I jacked it with the same rhythm that the oiler used to mouth-fuck me. He shoved my hand off his dick and rammed it down my throat. I tugged on his wet ball-sack and beat my meat while he battered my tonsils. His dick got hard as a rock.

"Gonna cum, cock-sucker!"

Just when I tasted the first squirt of hot cum, he yanked his shooting dick out of my mouth and squirted all over my face. Gobs of sticky cum dripped down my face like melting wax on a candle. I lapped up as much of his sweet jizz as I could.

"Don't worry, cock-sucker. There's plenty more where that came from."

Looking at the sailor's hairy body, I stroked my dick faster. But I didn't want to cum just yet. I wanted to taste Sammy's body.

With a quick maneuver backed up with sheer prick power, I lunged at Sammy and got him down on his back on the deck. He was real muscular. But I caught him by surprise. Curious, he didn't resist me.

I rubbed his hairy body. It felt like jolts of electricity shot through me, like when you drag your feet on a carpet. I'd never seen such a hairy young guy before, and the sight drove me nuts.

Crawling on top of him, I dove into his pits and licked them. At the same time I slowly worked my cock. swabbed his hairy chest and bathed it in spit. tweaked and sucked on his nipples until they got hard. I licked his belly. I got between his legs and licked his strong, hairy thighs. His soft dick lay in repose over his big balls. I nuzzled under his nuts and licked the bristly hair in his ass-crack.

"Oh, yeah--lick my shithole." I wondered if anyone had ever done that to him before.

Pushing his thighs up, I dove into his crack. I darted my tongue up his hole which I was sure was cherry. I slobbered all over his ass ditch and darted my tongue up his pucker.

I wanted to ram my dick up that cherry hole but I wasn't that aggressive; and from his tense body language, it seemed like he'd stop me with a fist in my face. I backed off but I didn't quit.

It was payback time for him decorating my face with his cum. With the cum churning in my balls I worked my dick. He watched me intently. Suddenly he was aware of my plan. He tried to squirm away but it was too late. I let go with dribbles, then shot gobs and gobs of cock-snot which specked his hairy body like a Christmas tree.

"What the fuck!" he growled.

He acted pissed off, but he'd cum all over my face. More to humiliate me than to let me swallow his load. It was some kind of dominance or power trip. I was paying him back by cumming all over his hairy body.

If I thought I'd won, he soon let me know otherwise. He yanked me by the hair and shoved my face down against his chest.

"Clean up that mess. Fucking queer cumming on me. I oughta tear your fucking head off."

He pulled my hair so hard I thought he'd snatch me bald. Tears stung my eyes and rolled down my cheeks. But I lapped up my cum off his torso, which tasted more salty than his sweet juice.

"Fucking faggot. I oughta teach you a lesson."

Maybe Sammy was a psycho. I'd heard that some guys couldn't handle their homo impulses and flipped out. Maybe I'd better wake up Frank before I got killed in cold blood.

Before I had a chance to say or do anything, Sammy was all over me, practically tearing my clothes off. I was stark naked and laying on the cold metal deck. Looking up, Sammy was towering over me. His dick was stiff and throbbing. If he was going to assault me it looked like he was going to do it with a friendly weapon. He roughly rolled me over on my stomach. I glanced over my shoulder, not knowing what to expect.

"Got a nice butt, dude. Bet it's been Fucked a lot. Bet you're a real slut on campus. All queers are whores."

"Not me. I don't take it up the ass."

I'd never been fucked before. Sure, I'd sucked lots of dicks, in the library john especially. I'd been sucked off in return on occasion. But I'd never been fucked.

He slapped me across the ass.

"Don't matter. 'Cause I'm gonna get me some sea-pussy."

"I'm no sailor. Maybe you can fuck Frank."

"I want a piece of you."

He lay down on top of me. When I felt his hairy body tickle my smooth back, I lost it. No one had ever had the effect on me that this young, hairy, ape of a sailor did. He was strong, macho and knew what he wanted.

"Do what you gotta do," I muttered.

Damned if I didn't want to get fucked by this randy seaman. Even my butthole twitched with anticipation. It's just that I never expected it to happen like this, getting deflowered by a guy who'd been a total stranger, getting screwed on the deck of a ship with one of my best friends passed out drunk in his bunk. I expected to be savagely raped, even though I wanted it now. But I got a real shocker from Sammy who'd obviously had his experiences with pussy before his foray into the world of gay sex. I'd come to believe that most males were basically bisexual, liked blow-jobs, and would fuck any hole, as long as they played the male role. So I never expected it when Sammy spread my butt-cheeks. Watching over my shoulder, I saw him scope out my asshole. Then he just did it. He dove in with his tongue and started licking my asshole! I couldn't believe it. I was queer and I'd never rimmed a guy. Straight guys had some strange ideas, like eating pussy was sucking dick by proxy, as one piece of trade told me.

The sensation was delicious. I squirmed around while he ate my ass by the yard. But he was really prepping me for the fuck to follow.

He mounted my ass. He slapped my cheeks with his dick like he'd done to my face earlier to let me know what was to come. The sight of the insertion was too painful; I couldn't watch. I cradled my face in my arms.

He rubbed his drooling prick in my ass-crack, then punched the crown into my asshole.


He put his hairy arm under my mouth. "Bite my arm. Forget about the pain."

I wondered where he learned that. I bit his arm and that took my mind off the pain in my ass for the moment.

Clutching my shoulders with his strong hands, he shoved his big dick all the way up my hole and stayed still. Lifting up, he slowly stroked my asshole until the pain subsided. The sensation in my chute became a warm, hungry glow.

"Fuck me, you hairy ape. Fuck me with your big dick." I couldn't believe the words coming out of my mouth. I wanted it bad.

He screwed me with ass-stretching cock-strokes.

"Deeper! Harder!" I begged.

He picked up the pace and tore up my ass. He pumped up a storm, with his hairy balls slapping against my ass-cheeks.

"Keep fucking me. Faster!"

Breathing heavy and dripping sweat onto my body, he banged my butt and crammed it full of cock.

Suddenly and without warning, my own hard dick rubbing against the cold deck just shot off. I hadn't expected that, without even touching it. That made my asshole spasm around his dick. He cried out with pleasure.

"Do it, stud-fucker sailor. Cum up my ass! Cream my fucking guts!"

His dick exploded up my ass. I was glad that he didn't pull out like he did from my mouth. It was the best sensation I'd ever felt, the hot load of cum from the oiler's cock gushing inside me. He collapsed on top of me breathing heavy, until his cock softened and slid out.

When I glanced over at the bunk, Frank was sitting up and masturbating. I wondered how long he'd been spying on us. Watch partner indeed.

I got dressed as Sammy wiped the cum off my ass with a dirty T-shirt.

Then Sammy went back into the shower compartment.

"Bon voyage, pal," I said as Frank shot a load onto his chest.

I left the ship and drove back to my room out near campus. With a big grin on my face, I reviewed the night events. I wasn't sure if Frank had used me to break the ice with Sammy or if he'd been sucking him off all along and shared him, not that it mattered. What the hell are friends for anyway?


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Any images, writings or other content on this website may be copied for personal viewing only.
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